United States Map: Democratic Senator Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Legalization of the Same-Sex Marriage is a hot issue in United States recently, and there are different opinions towards this. In the early April, Bill Nelson of Florida indicated that he would switched positions. Here, an interactive map about democratic senator that supports same-sex marriage has been created.

The discrete color range heat map indicates states which one or both senators had expressed support for gay marriage: white indicates not being supported, light blue indicates being supported by one senator, dark blue indicated being supported by both senators. Click on the map image and get the details:



Create Interactive Asian Map – Marketing Branches in Asian Countries

iMapBuilder HTML5 Map Builder has launched the map template of Asian countries, including China, Japan and India. Since there are increasing inquiry about creating branch location map for Asian regions, we have created a sample map for the reference.

You can first highlight the specific regions, and then pinpoint locations with markers. You can distinguish the locations by using different marker icon (i.e. bigger red icon represents the Head Office in Hong Kong). Infobox with the information of the branches can be inserted to each markers, and you can also customize the infobox style that suit your map / company image.

More Asian map templates are coming out, and please look forward to it.

Solar Jobs in United States

interactive-map-us-solar-jobsThe State Solar Jobs Map is created by The Solar Foundation to display the solar jobs across the United States.

In the interactive map, it showcases that only 80 solar jobs in Alaska, while there are over 43,000 in California. You can get the full details of the solar jobs in the state by clicking the “MORE” button in the infobox. In order to better showcasing the jobs’ distribution across the States, we have created the Heat Map:

As the industry is still developing and has a positive prospect, the salaries will continue to rise, and you may get a well paid if you are a qualified worker.

Interactive Maps in Printerest


iMapBuilder is in Printerest now! We have created the Maps Gallery and joined the Printerest to showcase all the interactive maps that we have found and sample maps that we have created by using the mapping software. You can know check the gallery to see the related news or blog posts.

Know more about the world with interactive maps, and let’s fill the colors together.

Interactive Flight Map: Inspire Me – Find Your Next Destination

interactive-world-map-emirates-inspire-me(2)Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, has launched an interactive world map for users to find their next journey.

Users can search for their next destination that matches their personal preferences, including date, types of activities, temperatures of the destination, and duration of the flight time. The map will then sort the destinations that meet your criteria with the flight price and details on the map.

It is very common to create map with pins that including images and external links. Here is a video tutorial about creating the similar custom Google Map:

Multi-level World Map: World Unemployment Rate in 2012

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report that was released this month, we have created a multi-level world map to display the unemployment situation across the world in 2012. Click on the continent, and then select the countries to see the details.

We simply took the unemployment data to create the maps, and you can get more details from the full report. The maps just give you a glimpse about the status of the labor market, which cannot reflect the full economic picture of the country as other elements are also needed for the consideration, e.g. GDP, consumer price index (CPI), political situation.

Overall, we can still discover the rapid economic growth in Asia, especially China and South Korea, where had lower unemployment rate with higher GDP.

Meanwhile, we should pay attention to Spain and Italy due to the hazardous unemployment rate.

Interactive Google Map: Los Angeles Book Festival

interactive-google-map-los-angeles-literaryIn order to promote the upcoming Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Los Angeles Times has created an interactive Google Map for the festival that the map is still updating.

Locations of some literary landmarks and bookstores are pinpointed, and you can get the brief introduction with images and direction to it by clicking the icon. The festival is going to be held on April 20-21 in Los Angeles, and don’t miss the chance if you will be there in this weekend.

Have you been inspired by the above custom Google Map, and want to create one for your upcoming activities / events? Here is a video tutorial about creating your own custom Google Map by just few steps, and your created map will be very much similar to the LA Book Festival Map:

Clickable Heat Map: Countries with Travel Warnings

clickable-world-map-countries-with-travel-warningAn interactive heat map was created, which based on the advice from DFAIT, to display the safety index of different countries. Travelers should check the map, especially those advice in the infobox before planning their trips.

According to the advice from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, travelers should avoid all travel in several countries, include North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Niger, and more. Countries like Pakistan and Libya are not recommended for travel either, while countries in North America and Europe are recommended.

Click on the image to get the details.

Headquarters of Manchester United Sponsors

interactive-html5-map-custom-icons-heat-mapA map was created to display the locations of Manchester United’s sponsors around the world. From the map, headquarters of 33 sponsors have been pinpointed, which demonstrate the influence of the Red Devils in the world.

Click on the image to see the details of the sponsorship, and you may create the similar interactive heat map with the custom icons regarding to the data.

Street View Hyperlapse Brings You to a New World

Google Street View gains endless love and support from the users across the globe as it brings us travelling around the world no matter we are working in the office, studying in the library, or even waiting friends in the metro station. Recently, an online tool brings us to another new world by using the Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse makes use of the static Street View images to create customized animated road trip, which means you can now have a car journey around the world in a faster speed.

The idea for this Google Street View Hyperlapse project came from a motion designer, who wanted to explore a tool that could create hyper-lapse videos. Finally the stunning tool and video were created.

You can created your own journey and see how stunning the tool is.