Crisis mapping: Aid Indians from the 2013 Uttarakhand Flooding

Recent Uttarakhand Flooding in northern India have already claimed at least 800 lives while the ongoing bad weather is affecting the rescue process. An interactive crisis map has been created to crowdsource information for better manage the aftermath of this flooding.

This online crisis map, which contains information about rescued people, cleared areas, people stranded, relief camps, medical centres, road networks and so on, is set up by the Google Crisis Response team. People around the world are welcome to contribute information by contacting Check the clickable crisis map for the details:

Crisis mapping is the real-time gathering, display and analysis data during a crisis, for example natural disaster or social/political conflict. Public and crisis responders can all contribute information either remotely or from the site of the crisis, and the benefit of it is that it can increase situation awareness and improve data management.

Possible Routes that Edward Snowden Would Take

After leaving Hong Kong, where did Edward Snowden go? There is speculation that he is somewhere in Moscow,  but it seemed that he did not take the flight to Moscow. Here is an interactive World Map that examines the potential routes Snowden would take after leaving Hong Kong, where conceivably willing to shield him from U.S, by using the data from Check the possible routes that he might take and see if you agree with it or not:

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive HTML5 Bubble Chart Map

Bubble chart is used for presenting data in a visually appealing way that you can easily compare the value of each data by looking at the size of the bubbles. Bubble chart combines with interactive map can visualize geographical data, and provide quick comparison of quantities and frequencies between regions or states.

For understanding more how the bubble chart can be used, you may take the following maps as reference:

Interactive US Map: 2013 Interactive Singles Map

Bubble Chart – Worldwide GDP Data (2012)

Here is a video tutorial about creating Bubble Chart in the HTML5 interactive map:

Video Tutorial: Create an Interactive HTML5 Pie Chart Map

Pie chart is used for demonstrating percentage of individual contribution in a whole set while each category is divided into sectors. Pie chart is widely used in the business world and the mass media that pie charts can be replaced in most cases by other plots such as the bar chart. Now, you can put the pie chart in the HTML5 maps for presentation different statistic results according to regions.

Here is a video tutorial about creating Bubble Chart in a few steps:

Clickable Bike Map: Incident Map Tracks Incidents & Crimes

An Interactive Incident Map for cyclists has been created to track traffic incidents and bike thefts on a daily to weekly basis in Metairie, Louisiana.

Hotspots have been pinned on the map in different icons regarding to categories, bike incidents or bike thefts, and map users can filter the categories they want by checking the box in the legend. Furthermore, various bike lane has been marked on the map in different colors and the annotations can be seen in the map legend. More details for the individual crime can be found by clicking the inserted external link of each marker. Check out the locations in the following map:

Interactive bike maps are usually used for presenting the best or recommended bike lanes for the cyclist, and this updated incident map helps cyclist to better plan their routes with the updated searching function.

Create Interactive Image Maps by Using Custom Images

We have introduced creating various interactive maps by using HTML5 map templates or Google Maps before, and there are continuous inquiries about creating editable image maps by using own images recently. And here are some examples for creating custom image maps with the assistance of mapping software.

Mapping software supports importing JPG, PNG, and GIF images, and you can easily start adding overlays on the image after importing it into the mapping tool. You can pin markers or draw clickable regions on the image, and then insert info box for adding description. Custom image maps are mostly used for creating floor plan for office, convention map, campus map and more. According to the theme or usage of the image maps, you can import custom marker icons for indicating different locations, for example icon for churches, hospitals or colleagues. Categories map legends can be added for indicating the markers and you can filter specific markers according to your needs.

By using the map editor, you can also create maps similar to the following Interactive Tri-Cities Community Resource Map, which showcases community resources in Canada:


There is HTML5 custom map builder can create custom HTML5 image maps, and we are going to launch the video tutorial for it very soon. Stay tuned for the latest news!

Crowdsourcing Map: Your Biking Wisdom in New York

Last week, New York Times released an interactive crowdsourcing map about asking recommendations for the best and worst biking routes in New York from readers. You can pin your wisdom on the map, and also check others’ wisdom by clicking the markers they have added.

As we have introduced the various usages of the crowdsourcing map before, everyone can create their own crowsourced maps by collecting ideas from others, and likewise readers can share their comments on this interactive platform.

Check the map below and you might be interested in this kind of interactive map:

Interactive Map: World Acceptance towards Homosexual

As the issue of same-sex marriage becomes a hot topic recently in several countries, for example in the United States, a new Pew Research Center survey finds huge variance by counties question of whether homosexuality should be accepted or rejected by society. An interactive heat map has been created by iMapBuilder to showcase the result.

The survey that conducted in 39 countries reflects broad acceptance of homosexuality in North America, Europe, and much of Latin America. According to statistics, there are obvious increasing people in South Korea, the United States and Canada accept the homosexual with 10% growth since 2007. The survey also claims that religions and age generation are factors towards the acceptance.

Check the following heat map to see which regions have higher acceptance towards homosexual, and you can find more details by watching the embedded videos and news in the infobox.

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                        Democratic Senator Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Interactive US Map: 2013 Interactive Singles Map

Recently, an interactive US maps for the ratio of single men and women across the States in different ages have been created and pointed out nearly every single city in the U.S. has more single men than single women in their 20s and early 30s.

Click on the interactive bubble chart to see the data in each State and scroll the timeline on top to select the age group. Maybe you will be surprised by the statistics, but you will get the idea by reading the articles from the map makers.


Interactive bubble chart is very useful for showing data in three dimensions and common in report presentations. iMapBuilder can hints you that this function is going to be launched in the coming months and please stay tuned!

Interactive Google Map: Protests in Turkey

Last week (May 28, 2013) there was a protest in Istanbul about against the development of a park, and it develops as a giant one for against the Turkish government as a result. An interactive Google Map has been created for pinpointing the locations where the protests have been taken place.

The simple but informative interactive map was created according to review of several media reports, and you can click on the markers and link to the original source for the details. This map has not pinpointed all locations, but is it believed that the full list would be released in the near future.