Crowdsourcing Map: Quiet Places in New York City

Being a one of the busiest and the most boisterous city in the world, have you ever thought of tasting a quiet moment in New York City? The New York Times has created an interactive NY map for inspiring all New Yorkers to treasure every quiet moment in this city by collecting crowdsourced suggestions from readers. Here you can find the styled clickable map with thousands spots, and description with photos or videos will be popped-up when mouseover the point.

Explore London Along Underground

It’s already the mid-July and do you have any plan for utilizing this summer? If you are not interested in outdoor activities and wanna escape from the hot summer, you can explore London along the Tube. We have picked out several hot spots (e.g. British Museum, London Eye, Tower of London) in London and created an interactive tube map that you can mouseover the pins for getting the details.

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Pie Chart: Obesity in the United States

Yesterday we have just shared a heat map about Americans health index in the past 30 years, and here we find a detailed pie chart about obesity situation in various states.

Size of each pie chart indicates total population size rather than obesity situation, and the detailed obesity status can refer to the percentage break down. Mouseover the pie charts, and you can get detailed population information. This map is interactive enough that you can see the changes from 1995 to 2011 by clicking the Play button in the bottom.

Check the above map and see if you are agree with the study.

Heat Map: Americans Health Index in Past 30 Years

An interactive heat map is created for showcasing how healthy are Americans in past 30 years. You may now check out the obesity index, average life span, physical activity and hypertension statics regarding to male and female within these 30 years in the map below:
interactive-us-heat-map-health index-oregonians

Mouseover states / counties, and you can find the detailed study of the findings, which was done by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. Among all those findings, it is not surprised that female’s life expectancy is still higher than male.

Create Interactive Custom Images Supports Cross-Platform

We have mentioned last mouth that we could create interactive custom image maps that support cross-platform (e.g. tablets / mobile devices) by using several online mapping software. Since some people would prefer host their image projects on their own server and prefer owning a software rather than joining hosting plan, and now you may try create your own clickable image diagrams by using the iiCreator.

With the assistance of software, you can create images maps link the following transit map:

Heat Map: Solar Power in United States

Recently, Solar Power Rocks released its 2013 rankings for states’ commitment to solar power in United States that the ranking was based on a methodology that factors in data regarding solar incentives, policy, infrastructure and metering. Each state was assigned a a grade to indicate how easy or difficult it goes solar.

A heat map in discrete range color was then created to map out the ranking:

As we have mentioned before, there are increasing solar jobs in United States, and it is surprisingly state offers more solar jobs gets higher ranking in this report. You may check out the solar jobs status here.

Maps: Countries that Edward Snowden Requests for Asylum

Edward Snowden, who has leaked National Security Agency documents, has applied for asylum in 21 different countries, and a world heat map has been created to display the responses from various countries.
Map: Tracking how countries are answering Snowden’s asylum requests

As shown in the map, most of the countries has turned down the requests on the basis that asylum application is only considerable if he is in the borders, which some claims that he was rejected by not meeting the requirements for being a political refuge.

Another clickable Google Map has been created to pinpoint the location with details. You can click on the pins and get more information about the updated status:


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Interactive Bubble Chart Map: Sovereign Wealth Fund Assets Map

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute creates an interactive world map with bubble chart to indicate city locations with different asset sizes and funding sources of sovereign wealth funds across the globe.

As of June 2013, there are around $5.474 trillion in sovereign wealth fund assets, and it has grown 33.3% in the past three years. Check the distribution of the sovereign funds in the following map, which red bubbles indicate sovereign funds deriving wealth from oil & gas sources while blue bubbles indicate sovereign funds deriving wealth from other non-oil & gas sources. You can get more information from the mouseover description box, and the bubble size represents the sovereign fund size.