Video Tutorial: Create Heat Map in Custom Google Map

We have introduced several heat maps created in Google Maps before (e.g. Oil Resources in TexasAustralia Heat Map: Pay Gap between Indigenous and Non-IndigenousHome Prices Reaches the Highest in Five US States in May). Here we have prepared a video tutorial for creating heat map in minutes:

Heat Map:Student Loan Debt in United States

Heat maps, created by St. Louis Fed, about student loan across the United States have been created for highlighting states that students keep falling behind on their student loans in 2012.

According to the data from St. Louis Fed, students in California and on the East Coast place the top on the chart of “Average Student Loan Debt per Borrower”.

The following heat map shows the student load delinquency rates across the U.S.:

Heat Map: Arsenic Risk in China’s Groundwater

Researchers have developed a new statistical model to estimate the risk of arsenic contamination in China’s groundwater, and a heat map has been created based on the research result.


Based on geological, soil, and topological data, a statistical risk model was created by researchers from China and Switzerland to identify high risk areas for groundwater quality monitoring. When these results were combined with the latest available population data, it was found that almost 20 million people across China are living in high-risk areas.

Circular Rail Maps for Sydney and Melbourne

A London designer, Maxwell Roberts, has prepared schematic maps for rail systems in Sydney and Melbourne based on the geometry of concentric circles.



Maxwell Roberts is a London psychologist who has created a series of circular schematics of transit systems in various cities, including London, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo. Maxwell was surprised the amount of cities can be fitted to the design rules and the results are often spectacular from an aesthetic point of view.

We have introduced a London tube map with attractions before that we can find that tube / transit system maps can be used in various way with different designs. You may now utilizing your city’s transit system maps (e.g. metro maps, bus maps, train maps) to create your personalized maps for particular use.

Incidents of Assaults in Orange, Australia

Here is a custom Google Map that showing violence hot spots of domestic abuse in Orange, Australia. Polygons in various colors represent non-domestic assault and domestic assault that based on the data between April 2012 to March 2013.

google-map-incidents-of-assaults-in-orangeClick on the above image ,and mouse click the polygons to get detailed figures.

Heat Map: Dining Outside in Chicago

Do you like dining outside in Chicago with laughter and friends? A Chicago heat map is created how showcasing which wards are popular with outdoor dining. Mouseover the map to explore detailed figures for each ward.

Similar interactive heat map can be created by yourself using map editors. There are various State map templates you can select from the map template library, and then you insert heat map values or import data file into regions. Here is another sample map for hotel distribution in California:

Global Flood Damage by 2050











Issues about climate changes, e.g. global warming & rising sea level, are always hot topics among us in these years. A world map about damages caused by flooding and rising sea level by 2050 has been created for warning us.

In the bubble chart map, it highlight several coastal cities about the estimate cost that taxpayers have to pay for cleaning up the casualties caused by flooding. This map is created based on the analysis from Stephane Hallegatte, an economist in World Bank, and his coauthors, and he mentioned that the figure was just the bare minimum. Detailed comment from Stephane can be found by clicking the above map image.

Recently, we have received inquiries about creating world map with pie chart / bubble chart per country. It is possible to create bubble chart in a world map using map maker for data analysis:

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Video Tutorial: Create Image Map Using iiCreator

Static image can be converted into dynamic image with interactive overlays (e.g. polygons, mouseover information box, editable lines). Even you know nothing about coding or programming, you can still create your own image project by using image software. Here is a video tutorial for all programming beginners about creating image maps (Manhattan City Map) using iiCreator, an image software for creating custom image map.

Dynamic image map can be seen in our showcase.