Video Tutorial: Create Hotspot Links to Image

It is very common and frequent that we would like to insert hyperlinks into various content (e.g. text, video, image) for additional information. Here is a video tutorial about creating hotspot links to a static image and make it be dynamic.

In the video, you can find methods for creating hotspot links to both pins and paths without programming. Various external links are especially useful in route maps, e.g. travel maps, flight distribution images, tour guides.

More sample maps can be found here.

Live: American Wind Map



A live and interactive wind map has been created for showing the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the United States.

You can mouseover pins for information , or mouse click for zooming in the map. Speed of the wind can refer to the map legend on the left corner, and you will be impressed by the map legend image.

The map is a personal art that created by artists Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg using data from National Digital Forecast Database

Video Tutorial: Create Dynamic Wayfinder for Shopping Mall

As we have mentioned before, static image can be converted into dynamic image with assistant of image software. Besides creating interactive floor plan or metro map, dynamic Wayfinder can also be created by yourself (even you know nothing about programming). Check out the following video for detailed information:

You can now follow the steps and creating your own Wayfinder for your shopping, company, campus, etc.

U.S. Heat Map: How Green Is Your State?

A new interactive has been created for showcasing how green are all those U.S. states.Click on the state, and you can see the rankings of the state in various categories.


The ranking, which highlight states in discrete range color, bases on effectiveness of each state in using renewable energy, it’s air & water quality, recycling, and more.

US Wineries Map

US Wineries Map

If you are a wine lover and would like to know more about the wineries details across the United States, you would find the above bubble chart map very useful.

The multi-level interactive map is created with bubble chart that the size of the bubble indicates amount of wineries in that region. You can click on the regions and zoom in to the Google Map for wineries’ names and locations.

There is a timeline scrollbar for the map that you can compare distribution of wineries in various decades, and you won’t be surprised by the rapid wineries development in California.

Video Tutorial: Create Category Legend Using HTML5 Mapping Software

There are many inquiries about grouping overlays on the map, and this can be resolved by creating category legend. There are two types of category legend can be created : single selection & multiple selection. Here is a sample map created with category legend (multiple selection):

You can follow steps in the video tutorial to create similar clickable map for yourself:

Maps: Locations of U.S. Embassies And Consulates Closes

Last Sunday, the U.S. announced it would keep 15 embassies and consulates closing in the coming weeks, and would shut down another 4 embassies in Africa. Since the issue of global travel alert from the State Department last Friday, 21 diplomatic missions has been closed because of the potential al-Qaeda terrorist plot.

A custom Google Map has been created for displaying locations of 19 embassies and consulates are going to close this week, and you can click on the pins for details:

Some sayings that the locations of closed embassies reveal possible clues for targeted attack locations. The Washington Post has also created a Heat Map for showcasing the relationship between population distribution of Muslim and locations of closed embassies.

How do you think? Do you think the locations of closed embassies related to “Muslim World”? Do you think it can hint you the targeted locations?

Clickable Bubble Chart: China Global Investment

Nowadays, it is not surprised that China has expanded it’s investment all around the world, especially in the U.S. A clickable world map has been created by The Heritage Foundation for displaying China global investment to various countries from 2005 to the first half of 2013.

The report is presented in bubble chart style that larger bubble scale represents larger investment. You can click / select a country to see the investment details according to sectors and the investment trend all through the years.

According to the report, it seems that China have invested over €50 billion in projects abroad, and we can see rising trend in Africa and South America regions.

Video Tutorial: Add Markers (by Cities) to HTML5 Map

Previously, we have introduced how to add markers on HTML5 maps by manually pinpoint it on the map or add it using latitude / longitude values. Now, we are happy to inform you that you can add markers (by cities) in just few steps without searching and importing the latitude / longitude values. Check out the following video for more details:

Follow steps from the video, and you can create familiar like this one: