Map: Growing Popularity in Angela Merkel

Here is a gift image for showing the growing population in Angela Merkel (Germany) since 2005.


This image was created by Die Welt , who has compiled constituency maps show second vote results from 2005, 2009, and 2013 respectively, and then the maps are converted into the gift image for illustrating the changes.

United States Map: States of Shame

Here we found a map, which based on Census data, U.S. Health rankings, and some snark, about the the biggest failure of each state in America.


Here are some highlights of the map:

  • State for serious air pollution:  California
  • State for drunk driving: Montana
  • State with largest homeless population: Oregon
  • State with the most crimes: Nevada
  • State with highest unemployment rate: Michigan

Check out the map and see if you are agree of it or not.

U.S. Map: Arsenic in Drinking Water

According to the post in the New York Times last weekDeborah Blum claimed that arsenic seeps into groundwater could be poisoning to those who drink it.

Now, researchers are taking more attention to drinking water, from Southwestern states (e.g. Nevada) to upper Midwest and New England. Water in parts of the Central Valley of California has been be found to be tainted with arsenic as well. Here is a U.S. map, which bases on the U.S. Geological Survey, displays where there is arsenic in the drinking water. Check it out and get more idea about the water you are drinking and using now.


The Most Energy Efficient Cities in America

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has ranked the most energy efficient cities, which based on local government policies, community-wide projects, overall volume of green buildings, utility participation, and transportation efficiency, and created a map for it.




According to the report, Boston ranks first in the result, and see if you are agree with it or not.

Normally, we are used to create heat map for displaying data analysis result, however, adding markers with various pins and map legend can also present the report in a simple way that we can refer to the above US map as an example. Labels can be inserted into the pins to annotate the markers by replacing mouseover tooltips, so you can easily print out the statics image map for presentation use.

The Most Hardworking and Relaxing Countries

How do you define “hardworking” and “lazy” when we talk about working? Do you think you are hardworking or relaxing enough? Here we find a heat map that showcasing which countries are the most hardworking and relaxing based on the average annual working hour, average effective retirement ages, and average life expectancy.


According to the map, the most hardworking countries are Mexico, South Korea, and Chile; while countries with more relaxed attitudes toward working are France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

Los Angeles Most Dangerous Intersections

Los Angeles city is taking steps to make 53 dangerous intersections safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Here is an interactive map shows locations of those dangerous and considers dangerous interactions

You can search dangerous intersections around you using the search box, and the category legend for filtering if needed. Mouse click the pins on the map can see the comment from others and the provided image for additional information. This map is still developing that you can contribute by submitting your an intersection.

Check out the map at:



Interactive Map: Artists for Grand Rapids ArtPrize 2013

The 2013 ArtPrize showcases works of more than 1800 artists from around Michigan, the Great Lakes and the world. Here we find a clustering map that pinpoints locations of all the artists. You can zoom in to view the pins for the details or select a marker in the marker list below the map.


Clustering is very common when there are large amount of markers have been pinned on the map. It groups markers on the map based on some factors, such as proximity or by the map data, and here we can a sample map for giving detailed idea:


Heat Map: Peak Foliage in New England

Autumn is coming and it is time and it is time to view the fall foliage. Here is an interactive heat map for estimate the peak foliage throughout New England, United States, this year.

heat-map-peak-foliage-mapClick the play button in the time line to see the estimate peak foliage heat map from September to November. Various colors refers to different status that you can refer to map legend for details. Mouse click the region to get additional information in the official website.

Interactive Map: Magpies in Dubbo

Here we find an interactive map, which should be very useful for pedestrians and cyclists in Dubbo City (Australia) for them to avoid magpies in this magpie breeding season, which is the peak now for attacks.

Dubbo City Council recommended residents stay clear of known bird nest areas and wear a hat and sunglasses as precautions if going near the spots. Check out the created interactive map below to take appropriate measures for protecting and saving yourselves from being injured.