Crowdsourcing Map for Finding Secret Eco Spaces in Beirut, Lebanon


There are many crowdsourcing map projects we can find online (e.g. Quiet Places in New York City, Best Beaches in the World), and here we found anther crowdsourced map for eco spaces in Beirut, Lebanon.

Beirut Green Guide is a local directory for all parks in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. After clicking the markers on the map, a new webpage with detailed information (e.g. size of the park, number of benches, number of gates) will be opened. There is a filter function on the map that you can search parks with specific facilities (i.e. provide WiFi service, allows pets, includes parks & toilets).

Click the map image to see the interactive map

Stating it as a crowdsourced map project because map users can provide information, new locations, and share their stories for developing the map. This map is in BETA version that is still under the development, and collecting information from others is the best and fastest way to enrich the map content.

Map Reviews: 4/5 stars

Being a BETA map, it is already informative and user-friendly enough to be used. There are several points that I appreciate

  • Map color style that matches the map theme
  • Provide filter feature for better searching
  • Lovely filter icons that substitute labels
  • Linked up with informative webpages
  • Provide crowdsourcing features for enriching the map content

Though there are some minor suggestions for improving the map design, for example inserting mouse click information boxes are already enough for providing information that can save time from loading a new webpage.

Video Tutorial: Add Markers to HTML5 Map

If you have tried using / are using some mapping software, you should be familiar with the import feature that pinning locations on the map (e.g. a custom Google Map, Open Street Map) by importing data files. This time, we are not going to talk about importing data, but adding markers on a map template.

From the above video, you can see that there are two ways to add markers on a HTML5 map template

  1. manually pin locations on the map
  2. add makers by cities in just few clicks
    here is a sample map for it:

The video also introduces steps and ways for editing marker icons, adding popup box, and other settings. Check it out and create yours now!

Second Language in London


It is common that hearing people chatting beside English in London, and here is a London map created for presenting the second language in London, and the distribution of it.

The following London map is created by Neal Hudson, who used the 2011 census recreate as data to create the map. You cam check out the 2nd dominant language in your community using the map. Mao Legend is provided for annotation.

Map Reviews: 3/5 stars

For my first impression, this map is a bit complex because of the multicolored polygons and labels that I could not get the message from the first instance. Fortunately, the color opacity of the regions are not 100% as it would definitely mess up the map image. Since map legend has already created for indicating the colors, labels can be omitted to keep the map image clean and neat.

Updated Apple Map Provokes Controversy in Taiwan

Recently, the updated Apple Map has provoked controversy in Taiwan as it states Taiwan as a Chinese province.
The updated operation system of Apple is not welcomed by everyone, and Taiwanese are one of these. In the updated Apple Map, Taiwan is listed as ”Taiwan Province, China” on the map. Taiwan has contacted Apple and demanded for the correction, an official from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday. Furthermore, the simplified Chinese characters in the map app also upset Taiwanese as they write and read in traditional Chinese characters.
On Apple’s website, however, Taiwan is listed in traditional Chinese characters, and referred as a country “province” and “China”.
According to the saying of the Taiwanese official, they are still communicating with Apple, and said they would not compromise about this kind of matter.

Create Cross-Platform Interactive Images

Apart from creating interactive maps using map templates, it is also possible to edit interactive image maps using your own customized images, for example, editable tube maps, floor plans for stadium, wayfinder for shopping mall, using image creator. By utilizing the image creator, everyone, even non-programmers, can also set up a dynamic images in few steps by themselves.

Stay tuned to our iiCreator Youtube channel for updated video tutorials that I am sure you would be surprised by how simple for editing images with various features.

If you are looking for ideas to create your own image projects, you may check out our Pinterest for more interactive images that created by others HERE!

Reasons to Create Maps in HTML5

Many people are asking, “Why we have to create maps in HTML5 rather than in flash?”, and here we are going to list out the reasons and advantages about HTML5 maps.

Many of our users and readers are familiar with flash and have created thousands editable flash maps. However, the trend is now moving to HTML5 as we are more likely to spend time using mobile devices, tablets, and iPad during our commuting time than sitting in front of a desktop, and we all know that, “Flash does not support cross-platform”. Won’t you feel badly when you cannot read the website content that is in flash using your mobile or tablets? Yes, I will, and I will give up accessing those websites. For not loosing your potential visitors, let’s create website content using HTML5, which supports cross-platform (include iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and others).

Since the maps support HTML, you can now create/edit the maps with greater variations, which can be mostly seen in the popup information box. By adding various HTML code, you can insert multi-media (e.g. images, videos, tables, external links) into the popup box. Furthermore, you can customized the font style, colors, and size of the text according to your preferences, and the style can be different from line to line.

Data can be imported to create maps (e.g. heat map, bubble chart, pie chart) for visualizing your data and presentation use. It is not complicated to create the data file, and simple file can be founded in the software. Heat maps and bubble charts are very common in reports (e.g. Internet Population in Each CountryGun Violence in America, China Global Investment) that you can quickly create yours using HTML5 editor.

For non-programmers, it may be quite complicated for uploading map files to hosting server, and maybe scared by setting up FTP. Now, you can instantly publish, upload, and share the interactive maps using HTML5 Map Builder even you do not own a hosting server account.

Check out the video below and subscribe our Youtube channel for catching the updated video tutorials:

Video Tutorial: Easily Create Interactive Map using iMapBuilder HTML5

Here is another video tutorial that we have created about creating interactive maps in minutes using iMapBuillder HTML5 Map Builder. From the video, you will learn how to:

  1. Add / edit markers on the maps
  2. Insert popup information box to markers
  3. Quickly publish and share the interactive maps

HTML5 maps support cross-platform that are viewable on your mobile devices, tables, iPad,etc., so it’s a trend for creating maps in HTML5. Since the popup information box supports HTML code, multi-media (e.g. images, videos, external links, tables) can be inserted for information presentation.

In the past, we have introduced several maps (e.g. Media in United States, Road Kills Across the Globe) which can also be created using HTML5 Map Builder.

In the coming future, we will continue sharing more funny, valuable and informative maps to you guys, and we have added a new categories about “Reviews” the maps created by others. Stay tuned for our new section and we are looking forward to your comments.

Interactive Timezone Map with Stock Exchanges



We all know that we can easily created interactive world map using world map template, but sometime we can also designed the custom world map by ourselves and convert it into interactive one using related image creator. Here we have prepared a sample map about stock exchanges using custom timezone map.

Detailed information about the stock market with tables can be easily added into the popup box as it supports HTML. Click on the image to see the steps for creating the map. And you can find the demo HERE.

World Heat Map: Brilliant Map

Foreign Policy Magazine and the Fund for Peace have an annual Failed States Index. For the index, you can see “most improved” and “most worsened” countries in the index. Here is a heat map based on many items (e.g. refugees, IDPs, human flight, uneven development, economic decline, public services, human rights, security apparatus, external intervention).

Check out the ranking of your county in the following map now:



Heat Map: Internet Population in Each Country

Last week, we have shared a world heat map about the most popular websites in the world and internet freedom rankings across the globe. Today, we find another heat map about the internet – internet population in each countries that the map is created by the Information Geographies project at the Oxford Internet Institute.



The map is created based on the data in 2011 that on both country’s internet users and total population from the World Bank. Similar to the previous introduced maps, the size of the countries depend on the total internet population, and the color of the countries represents the percentage of that country’s population that’s online.

Let’s take a look in China, which has a huge number of internet users because of its massive population in general, but the the percentage of citizens on the internet is lower than some European countries.

Still, the total internet population in the map equals to about one-third of Earth’s global population only.