How the United States Was Like to Fly in the Roaring ’20s

This map is produced by Rand McNally for showing the transcontinental air travelers of the Roaring ’20s, and it charts the 48-hour trip from New York to San Francisco. It shows not only the flight route but also the major American landmarks passengers would fly by on the way. On the back of the map, Rand McNally included a weather map, a “Certificate of Flight” log passengers could fill out as they went. Being as a souvenir, do you want one?


Heat map: Temples in India

“Toilets first, temples later.” After sharing the Toilet Map in India, here we share another heat map: Temple Map. The map shows the percentage of occupied census houses in a state/union territory identified as a place of worship.



Additionally, we have received inquiries about creating heat map using India map template. Here we have prepared a video tutorial about quickly setting up a heat map using map template in a minute:

India: Toilet Map

In India, issue about lack of toilet facilities in much of the country has been brought out recently. Here we found an India heat map about the toilet availability in local households, that the map presents why India needs “toilets first and temples later.” From the below map, we can see that more than half of the nation’s households still do not have toilet facilities in their homes.

World Map: Cities that Climate Change Will Hit First

Climate changes and global warming are always hot topics in our current discussions. The Washington Post has mapped the findings, which is just published in Nature, a scientific journal, and the two maps can be seen below:

Global Temperature Rise With Carbon Dioxide Mitigation

Global Temperature Rise Without Carbon Dioxide Mitigation

According to the new research from University of Hawaii, global temperatures will exceed historical norms as soon as 2047 that it will happen a lot sooner in some places (e.g. 2020 in Manokwari & Indonesia, 2023 in Kingston & Jamaica, 2047 in Washington).

According to the map legend, cities with dark red dots means they are going to be hit by the global warming very soon. Situation in Europe and the United States seem a bit better, but remember that it is better when comparatively saying.

From the above maps, it seems that we cannot avoid the situation, but we can improve the situation and postpone the hit by reducing the Carbon Dioxide.

Google Map: Current Rural Fire Service in New South Wales, Australia

The New South Wales Fire Service (NSW RFS) is urging the public to prepare and be vigilant with extreme fire weather forecast for much of the state on Thursday, and people can see detailed information about the current rural fire service incidents in the following Google Maps:


Heat Map: Gender Gap in Science across the Globe

A heat map from UNESCO about the gender gap in science around the globe shows relative equality in parts of South America and Central Asia, and relatively higher inequality in countries like India, France, Germany, and Japan, which is quite surprising that women make up less than a third of researchers in some of these world’s science leading countries.

Meanwhile, the map only presents portion of the situation as it does not reflect the women status in science field in countries like United States, Australia, China.

In conclusion, the map does reflect that the world is not all the same.


World Map: Internet Freedom

A world map about the internet freedom in 2013, which based on the report from Freedom House, has been created and published online.


Form the map, we can see that Middle East remain significantly not free, with Iran and Syria leading that list, while the United States, Australia, several European countries are marked as free. See if you are agree with the data and share your idea to us.

Interactive Tracking Map: Tropical Storm Karen

Tropical Storm Karen is getting close to Alabama’s coast in this weekend that forecasters said Karen could reach the northern Gulf Coast late Saturday or early Sunday.

Here is an interactive tracking map for the tropical storm Karen that you can see the past, current, and expected route of it. Mouse over markers, which various colors represent different status, can see the updated information of Karen.





Real Time Map: Media in United States

A real time US map has been created by Bitly for showcasing the popular media in each state. You can select map according to various media types (newspapers, TV/radio, magazines, online media), and then select the media in the properties legend to view the individual heat map. Mouse click on the region can see the media rankings in that state.