Interactive World Map: Player Transfers

Transfer soccer players across the globe is just a normal phenomenon. Here is an interactive map tracks the international migrations of professional soccer players since 1990.

This interactive world map is created by Australian designer Mac Bryla. Map users related data by selecting country and season, and then total transfer fee and number of players will be displayed on the top right corner of the map.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars

User-friendly interface that users can select category by country and seasons, and the map is created by the rich data-base source that map users can find many data results from the map. Though I expected that there would be extra information when I mouse click the lines or countries.

Interactive Route Map: Trace Andres Bonifacio’s Steps

Today (November 30) is Bonifacio Day from Philippines. In order to celebrate this national holiday, has create an interactive map to take a peek into the life of Andres Bonifacio, a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary, by tracing his footsteps on the map.


Map users can mouse click marker for description in popup boxes, and locations of monuments and shrines have also been pinned on the map.

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
Creative map that presents a person’s life story by tracing his footsteps on the map, and provided brief information in the popup box. Though the map can be improved in following aspects:

  • Some icons are hidden when there are numbers of pins in a small area that issue can be solved by enable markers clustering.
  • Content within the infobox of the line is not really related to the map theme as it is only the direction instruction of the drawn line. More information about Bonifacio can be inserted into the infobox to enrich the map content in this case.
  • The infobox is a bit dull that lack of image, video, or external link that multi-media content can be added for attracting the map users.

Create Interactive Stadium Seat Plan


Here is another sample map that created by image editor, iiCreator. This interactive stadium map divided various type of seats by colors, and group seats that share the same ticket price by popup boxes. You can click the above image to see the dynamic map and detailed steps of creating the seat plan like this.

Interactive World Map: Merchants that Accept Bitcoin across the Globe

According to the new crowdsourced map from, number of physical locations that accept bitcoin has increased.

In the beginning of November, there were 552 merchants being pinned on the CoinMap, which shows the locations of phusical merchants that accept bitcoin across the globe, and there were over 1000 locations on the map by 27th November.

CoinMap was created in April by Pavol Rusnak, who is also working on the hardware bitcoin wallet Trezor. CoinMap is a crowdsourced map that all locations are informed by map users or bitcoin merchants. Users can add pins on the map by following steps in the following video:

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map is simple and user-friendly that users can mouse click the bitcoin icons for detailed information. Since there are many pins on the map, clustering is enabled that maintain the map as simple and neat as it can.
However, map legend is needed as there many various pin icons on the map but lack of indication, or create category legend for grouping and better searching with filtering feature. Furthermore, there is no search box for searching locations by address / zip code , so category legend can improve the searching performance as an alternative method.


Other than the CoinMap, another map from is also used for showcasing locations that accept bitcoin with over 1400 pins on it currently.


Map Reviews: 4.5/5 Stars
This man is more user-friendly as there is search box for searching locations by address/zip code, and users can search related category using the category legend, where the pin icons are indicated by tooltips, above the map. Last but not the least, map users can also search for directions by clicking the “Get Directions” icon on the top right corner of the map.

Bitcoin is getting more popular and is being concerned by the market nowadays. Check the above maps to get more idea about it now.


Interactive Google Maps: Holiday Events throughout Bucks


When we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, X’mas is just in the corner. Here is an interactive Google Maps for Bucks County that pinpointing holiday events across the region, including holiday parades, tree lighting, X’mas light displays, Santa visits, and more.

View Holiday events across Montgomery and Bucks counties in a larger map

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Informative map with detailed information in popup boxes, and custom icons do improve the map design as it match with the map theme.
Since various events have been marked on the map, categorization could better organize the map content with different pin icons and category legend, which users can enjoy better searching by filtering. Furthermore, adding images into the popup box will be more eye-catching and attract more visitors to the events.

Video Tutorial: Add Pins on Google Maps without Programming

Previously we have shared video tutorials about creating custom Google Maps in quick and ways to share the created maps, today we are going to share another video of adding pins(markers) on Google Maps with detailed steps:

Here is an interactive sample map that adding pins by importing data file. You can mouse click each icon to see the detailed information in the popup box.

US Map: The Racial Dot Map


A Racial Dot Map was developed by Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service from University of Virginia that showcases delineation between racial groups.According to the map, Milwaukee’s place is the most segregated metropolitan are in the United States. The new ranking comes from a recent articles in Business Insider that based on the work of professors John Logan and Brian Stults. You can now check out the map by clicking following image.

In the Racial Dot Map, one dot represents one person that dot colors are indicated in the map legend. Users can enable the map labels for states by clicking the “Add Map Labels” button, and disable the color dots overlay by clicking the “Remove Color-Coding” button on the left hand side of the map.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Simple, informative, and user-friendly data map that users can determine whether looking result of population distribution by racial or not, and select/deselect the labels regarding to their preferences. Popup boxes are not necessary in this kind of maps as too much content will make the map complex and confuse the map users.

Apart from pinning dots on the map, there are other ways for presenting population distribution in this issue that pie chart can be applied on the map by region. Sample maps can be seen by clicking the following map image:


Real-Time US Map of Travelers to See how Screwed Up the Flights are in Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is just in the corner that many of people are rushing to airports for catching their flights. However, it is frequent and normal that we are being stuck in the airports due to the flight delay or cancellation. The following Misery Map is an informative real time map for tracking weather patterns and the results of flight delays across the United Stated.


FlightAware’s Misery Map was launched in August that you can view the data in real-time or track the history (couple of days) of flight delays and cancellation by moving the timeline in the bottom of the map.

Travel officials expect about 3 million people to venture by plane, and already hundreds of flights have been canceled and thousands have been delayed. According to the Weather Channel, the nor’easter will affect about 58 million people over 2.5 million square miles by the time it lets up on Thanksgiving.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

This real-time map is informative and user-friendly that users can track the flight by entering airline name and flight number on the top right corner for searching. The interface of he map is user-friendly and easily to use as well, for example it clearly shows the updated flight status on the right column that informing number of flights have been delayed or cancelled. Users can also mouse click related airport pin for seeing the real-time flight route.
Weather’s condition is also displayed on the map that users can clearly see how the storm affect the flights.

Map Your Representatives in Google Maps


Some said US citizens are living in the time of political dissatisfaction, and thus a web tool, Map Your Representatives, is created for letting people know who is taking tasks in this districts. This web tool is simple to use by just typing and address/zip code, and then a list of elected officials will be displayed.



Video Tutorial: Visualize Region Data by Overlying Bubble Chart on Map

We are familiar with creating heat map (choropleth map) for visualizing data on the map template, though there are other methods to visualize data, for example creating a map with bubble chart. Here is an new video tutorial about importing data and creating dynamic bubble chart on the map.

From the video, you can see steps for

  • importing data file
  • editing data in editor
  • bubble chart settings(e.g. color, opacity, size)
  • create map legend

A dynamic sample map can be found by clicking the following image: