Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Flight Map

Because of the high inquiries about steps for creating flight/route maps, we have prepared a new video tutorial about creating interactive flight map with popup box using mapping editor.

The video shows steps of:

  • adding points
  • drawing lines
  • inserting popup boxes

The sample maps can be found at:

Interactive Flight Map (Flash Map)

Interactive Flight Map (HTML5 Map)

Interactive Map: Unemployment in Oregon


Previously we have shared a US map about the State of Shame that Oregon is the state with largest homeless population that it seems the economic recovery remains distant, especially in some counties. Here is an interactive Oregon map for showing the current unemployment situation by counties.


The map was created based on the data from Oregon Employment Department. According to the map, unemployment situation is most serious in Harney, Grant and Crook countries, where’s unemployment rates were over 12 percent in the previous October; while Benton and Hood River had better employment situation among other countries. You can mouse click the country for seeing the differences of unemployment rate between 2012 & 2013.

The map will be updated each month once new data is available.

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
This interactive Oregon map is a heat map that missing map legend for indicating region colors. Since I was confused by which colors represent higher employment rates at first, it would be more user-friendly and informative if map legend is added.

Create Interactive Flow Chart

We have introduced various interactive images before (e.g. office floor plan, face tagging), and we have prepared another editable flow chart for users’ reference. This interactive flow chart demonstrates how to insert popup boxes with external links, images, videos, and other content into the chart for presentation use.

click the following image for the dynamic version

Chart box styles (e.g. color, border style) can be customized individually in the image creator without coding that map creators can freely design and edit the chart regarding to the theme.

More references can be found HERE.

Heat Map: Average Marriage Age across the Globe


According to the data from the UN, it seems that getting married in a later age is a tend across the globe. Here is a heat map shows the average marriage age by country.


According to the map, it reflects the main cause for later marriage age is based on country’s income as people in developed countries (e.g. Western Europe) get marry in a much later age(over 30) than those in developing countries (e.g. Afghanistan in age 20). Women in some developing countries remains getting married in a younger age that 20% of them married by age 18.

According to the data, there are also fewer people getting married, for example in the United States, less than half of American are married and most of babies are born out of wedlock as to married couples.

Though the average marriage is higher and fewer people are married when compare to the past, marriage is still the preferred lifestyle worldwide that 80% of people were married by age 49. People just have to be more patience for forming a new family unit.

Map Reviews: 3/5 Stars

This heat map can presents the data in dynamic ways as well. After enabling heat map feature and adding map legend, info boxes can be added to specific regions for enriching the map content with detailed information (e.g.  bar chart in United States, images in Westerna Europe, external links for the UN).

USA Map: Beer Tour

We have just found an interesting image map beer tour in California, where is well-known for the home to many breweries.


The above map is a static image, but it can be more interesting in dynamic ways. You can easily create the dynamic beer tour map by importing a custom image into an image creator, and then add pins with mouseover boxes on the image. Inside the popup boxes, you can easily insert images, external links, text contents, videos, and more. It is not complicated and everyone, includes the non-programmer, can create their own interactive images at home.

More dynamic images can be found:

Video Tutorial: Create Map Legend in HTML5 Maps

Sometimes we will come up with maps being pinned with various markers, lines, and colored regions without knowing what the overlays stand for until we look up the text content. These kinds of maps are not user-friendly enough as map users will always be stopped by confusing map markers or other overlays that the issue can be easily tackled by creating a map legend for annotating map overlays.

Here we have prepared a new video tutorial about creating map legend in few steps. Check it out now:

More sample maps can be seen by clicking the following image:

Interactive Emergency Evacuation Map

Have you ever paid attention to emergency evacuation maps in your housing estates, offices, shopping malls, hotels, airplanes? Are you sacred by those complicated and packed routes? Here we have prepared an interactive but simple emergency evacuation map that map users can select specific route by mouse hovering the item in the legend box, and then related information will be displayed on the map.

Click the below image for the dynamic map and detailed steps for creating it:

Interactive Office Floor Plan with Category Legend

Are you looking forward to create or renew your office floor plan with interactive feature but have no idea about it? We have recently created a new sample map with category legend (single selection feature), and please click the following image for the detailed steps:


Here is a video tutorial about creating interactive floor plan using iiCreator:

Pinterest Launches Place Pins


This week, Pinterest has launched new feature that Pinners can pin location on the map, Place Pin, which is designed for combining uploaded images with the utility of an online map, and easily share with others. It includes extra details like address and phone number for people to easily reach the contact for detailed information.

Some boards with Place Pins maps have be created for Pinners’ reference, and here is one of the sample maps of The World’s Best Festival:


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

There are points that we like the map:

  • Map colors and style: Since we have already get used to the standard color and styles of Google Maps, we need new map style to inspire us, and this Place Pins Map provides different map colors and font styles from the Google Maps.
  • Pin’s boxes with the image and external link are being located on the right side of the map for providing instant information after user mouse click the related pin on the map.

We like the map though there is still a suggestion towards it: It would be more user-friendly if “Home” button is available for  resetting to default map view.


Additional Information:

As we have mentioned in the above paragraph, there are many world maps created in default map color settings and styles, which actually can be edited in map editors without programming or complicated steps. You can manually edit the all the color settings (e.g. roads, transits, lands) by creating a Styled Google Map.

Interactive Australia Map: Doctor Who in Australia

Doctor Who, a British science-fiction television programme, is celebrating its 50th birthday this week. The has created an interactive Google Maps about all locations in Australia have been mentioned in the TV series for celebrating its birthday.

Please note that the map is based in the TV series but not the novels, comics, or audio plays, and it does not include broad reference to Australia that did not specify a location.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars

Simple but informative and interesting map. In the past, we have introduced maps with multiple features that contains lots of content, but sometimes “simple is the best”. This Google Maps simple pinned all locations with popup box that not much features have been added but already enough for the map theme.

Though it’s simple, external links have been inserted to the popup boxes for detailed information. Map creator can manually pin locations on the map, or import data file for bulk data.

Though the map is nice, we think adding some drama photos or video clips into the boxes would definitely make the map more interesting.