Interactive Maps: Jefferson County Traffic Deaths Reports in 2013

It is almost the end of 2013 that it is time to have a quick review of 2013 (e.g. top check-ins around the world in Facebook), and here we have found another review about traffic deaths in Jefferson County (Louisville, USA) this year. According to the report, traffic deaths spiked 28.7 percent, despite a decline in the rest of Kentucky.

Interactive Maps Jefferson County Traffic Deaths Reports in 2013

From the above interactive Google Maps, map users can find details of the accidents (e.g. location, date, weather condition) by mouse clicking the icon. When compare with 2012, there were more traffic deaths in Jefferson County this year.

Here is a dynamic bar chart for five-years comparison:

Video Tutorial: Share and Publish Interactive Images

Few weeks ago, we have introduced steps for creating interactive floor plan, and now we are sharing a new video tutorial about sharing and publishing the created interactive maps online in following ways:

  1. instantly share the image project by hosting it on iiCreator server
  2. upload the image project by hosting it on your own server using FTP settings

Detailed steps can be seen in the following video:

More showcases can be seen HERE.

US Heat Map: How will the Expiration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Program Affect Us


In the coming Sunday (29 Dec, 2013), almost 1.3 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits when the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program expires, and the above heat map, with continuous color, shows how the expiration of the EUC program affects each state.

Studies have found that it is difficult for long-term unemployed, who has been unemployed for more than 26 weeks, to find a new job as employers often do not consider applicants for a position. Originally, the EUC benefits helped to keep them out of poverty while they are looking for a job, but the expiration seems will hit them hard.

Source: Business Insider Australia


Interactive UK Map: Children are Waiting for Adoption


If you are family in the United Kingdom, which is looking forward to adopt children, you may find the following interactive map quite useful. The following interactive map is created by First4Adoption that shows the number of children waiting to be placed within each local authority adoption agency in England. Mouse click the icons to see details about the local authority.

According to the map, there were 6890 children waiting to be placed while there were 4093 approved adopters waiting for a child. Approved adopters cab adopt children through any agency anywhere in the country. Now, would-be adopters are being urged by a minister to manipulate the following map to help matching them to the children in need of a home.

Check out the map below and get the updated information now!

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map is very informative with simple & smart design. First, the purple tone map color settings(e.g. infobox background colors, icon colors, border colors) perfectly match with heat map colors. Second, text content is neatly presented within infobox using “table”, and further information can be viewed by clicking the inserted URL button. Last but not the neat, there is heat map legend for indicating the distribution of to-be-adopted children across the country.

Interactive World Map: Where are the Next Silicon Valleys

Once there is a new innovative startup hub, journalists would label the area as “the next Silicon Valley”. Since there are various “the next Silicon Valleys” across the globe, Slate has then created an interactive world map for pinpointing all the locations for presenting a whole picture for our better understanding.

There is a list of editorial pieces along  the map that users can select an article on the list to see the highlighted pin on the map and link to the full text by clicking the inserted URL.

According to the map, we can see the new hubs are named as Silicon Alley, Silicon Hills, Silicon Forest, Silicon Prairie, Silicon Square, Silicon Wadi, etc. Do you think these nicknames can really make the region to be the next Silicon Valleys?

Interactive Flood Warnings Map for United Kingdom

Due to the storm conditions in the United Kingdom, many people are keeping an eye on flood alerts there. Here we have found an interactive map (and is also an app in Facebook) of flood warnings in the UK (from the rivers and the sea for England and Wales).

In the map, users can check on the warning icon to see the further details in the popup box. Please note that FloodAlerts does not provide information on flood depth, speed or volume of flow. It doesn’t show flooding from other sources, such as direct runoff from fields, or overflowing sewers that map users have to check their local Environment Agency Office or Local Authority for more information on these flood risks.


SickWeather Maps

Nowadays we are more awareness about the spread of infectious disease but we have no idea about how to avoid being inflected in the public area. Here is an interactive map app for presenting areas with sickness report. Since people are used to post feeds on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, this map gets data from these platforms (if the users make the information public with location information). Furthermore, members of SickWeather can directly report their status to the map. After gaining data, the map will generate polygons of sick zones that remind users to avoid. SickWeather is available as both a website and as a free iOS mobile app.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
We love this idea which is useful for tracking potential infectious disease zones, but some improvements are needed to make the map become more user-friendly.

  • Bigger map legend as the current map legend is too small to read the legend items.
  • It would be better if there is mouse click infobox for each polygon and infobox for each symptom report.
  • Can categorize illnesses using various polygon colors.

Data for this map is not complete since people in several countries cannot access to Facebook and Twitter (e.g. China, North Korea), and not many people will really contribute the information online. But anyway, this map is a good fresh idea that we are looking forward to its later development.

Interactive Google Maps: The Cultural Atlas of Australia

University of Queensland has created a new project, The Cultural Atlas of Australia, which  plots more than 300 Australian places and locations used as settings in films, novels, and plays. This interactive map can be used for planning literary tours, visit film sites, or research landscape and locations in Australian stories to cultural travelers, students, and scholars.

You can search locations by text or author, browse the locations, or utilizing the filter options in the category legend column. Mouse click the icons, and you can find the inserted URL for the synopsis of the work.

This map welcome any contribution from anyone that people can provide the information through the website or via The Cultural Atlas of Australia Facebook page.


Interactive Map: Weird Sex Laws in the United States

We all think that America is a land of freedom, however, io9 created a hilariously map that lists out some weird sex laws in the US.

We have converted this map into interactive, and here are some highlights that are really weird (in our views):

  • In Lowa, you cannot kiss more than 5 mins.
  • In Walnut (California), men cannot dress as a woman without the written permission of the sheriff.
  • In Colorado, keeping a house where unmarried persons are allowed to have sex is prohibited.
  • In Georgia, sex toys are prohibited.
  • In New Orleans, fortune-telling, astrology or palmistry cannot “settle lovers quarrels.”
  • In Haddon Township (New Jersey), flirting is illegal.
  • In Tennessee, students cannot hold hands in schools.

Animated Heat Map: American TV News

Are you still getting news from television or from smartphones / tablets now? Surprisingly, over 55 percent Americans are still getting their news from television. A world map, which tracked and plotted all locations mentioned on U.S. television news, was created by Georgetown scholar Kalev Leetaru.

Internet Archive

Map users can zoom in or use the search box on the top right of the map, and click on the locations to see the related details in the popup window.

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
This map is interesting and attractive enough with the animation effect, and is informative with the inserted external links for additional information.
However, there are errors in the underlying closed captioning (“two Paris of shoes”) to locations that are paired with onscreen information (a mention of “Springfield” while displaying a map of Massachusetts on the screen). Thus, as you click around, you would find some errors, especially small towns with common names. But I think it is acceptable that I am looking forward to the improved version.