Video Tutorial: Create Dynamic Pie Chart Map

Mostly, we are used to present/analysis data using heat map or choropleth map, but there are other ways to visualize data (e.g. bubble chart, dynamic bar chart, pie chart map). Here we have prepared a new video about creating pie chart to analysis data and visualize the result on the map. In the video, you will know how to:

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Animated Earth Wind Map

Few months ago, we introduced a live American Wind Map, and now is the turn for the Earth version. Click below image to check the animated wind map:


This Earth Wind Map is created using the Global Forecast System’s data, and updated every three hours that the live map is in almost real-time. Furthermore, this Earth Wind Map is zoomable and interactive that users can click and grad the globe to specific region and level.


Animated World Map: Beyoncé Breaks Down the Internet with New Released Album

Last Thursday, Beyoncé, the music pop star, shook up the world (especially the internet world) with her newly released album that netizens all over the world tweeted about it. An animated Twitter Map then was created to illustrate where and when did people tweet about Beyoncé in the hours before and after the release of the album.

Twitter said there were more than 1.2 million tweets about the album in the 12 hours after it premiered, which is a massive success with over 800 thousands sales in three days.

There is one doubt according to the map: Why there was no tweet from Russia?
(Note: It is understandable that there was no tweet from China as Twitter is being blocked in China)

Interactive Map: Nuclear Radiation Alert in USA


When we are focusing on the nuclear issue in Asia (e.g. Fukushima in Japan, North Korea) the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center has created an interactive map for reminding us not to neglect the nuclear radiation in the United States by showing the radiation levels at radiation monitoring stations across the states are elevated.

It is said that 300 tons of radioactive water enter the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima everyday that it will take up to 40 years to clean up the Fukushima disaster.

interactive-google-maps-nuclear-raditaiton-in-usMap Reviews: 4/5 Stars
Annotating various radiation levels in different marker icons with clear map legend, and popup boxes are inserted for brief information. External links are inserted to the infoboxes for users to read the full data. Though the map design is not attractive and special, it is enough for an informative map to showcase the basic information to the public.

Dynamic Asian Map: Territorial Disputes among Asian Countries


Recently, territorial disputes in Asia has drawn attention from the globe as those disputes are mostly related to China. Because of the history and the vast borders, China is having various disputes with different countries in different areas, In order to provide a brief and clear picture to those concerning the issues, South China Morning Post has created a dynamic Asian map for showing some key disputes in Asian regions.

Users can mouseover / mouse click key items in the “Key” legend to see detailed information.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

This map manipulates category legends to provide detailed information with popup texts/lines that keep the map neat and simple. Category legend with single selection feature is created for land claims while multiple selection is created for continental shelf claims that users can clearly identify which how many countries are involved in a single issue, how the countries claim for their continental rights.

Similar sample map with category legend (single selection) has been created by us, and you can also check it out at:

Interactive Google Maps: Salary Gap between Men and Women in New Jersey


Salary gap between male and female s narrowing in the United States but it seems that the situation in New Jersey is not that optimistic as most of the New Jersey women earn less than 80% then men, shown in U.S. Census data.

The report from the Pew Research Center found that women age 16 and above earned about $0.80 while men earned $1, or the hourly paid for women is $14.90 while hourly paid for men is $17.79. The salary gap among the ages from 25-34 is narrower.

Highlight from the report:

  • 21 municipalities in New Jersey where women earned less than half than men.
  • In some of the state’s wealthiest communities, e.g. Mantoloking, where women earned just 24% of the median man’s salary.
  • Women earned just about 1/3 of what men earned in Sea Girt, Saddle River and Teterboro.
  • Pay gap tends to be most narrow in urban areas close to New York City.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
Features that lead this map to get 4 Stars:

  • Heat map legend clearly indicates heat map values
  • Mouseover infobox for basic information, and mouse click infobox for details
  • Fixed infobox position on the map avoid confusing map users with multiple popup boxes in various positions

Interactive Google Maps: Mass Shootings in U.S. since 2000

Gun violence does exist in the United States, and some horrific incidents did shock Americans’, for example the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Here is an interactive Google Maps that shows locations of several mass shooting in the U.S. since 2000. Users can mouse click the icons to get more information, and reviews the use of gun.


Previously, we have also shared several U.S. maps about gun violence that you can have a more comprehensive view towards the gun violence situation in America.
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Interactive Maps: Top Check-Ins Around The World in Facebook

This Monday, Facebook released a review for 2013 that analyzes trends in 2013, e.g. top life events, most talked topics, top check-ins around. Here we had created an interactive Google Maps that pinpointing top 25 check-ins around the world in Facebook this year. Mouse click the pins to get details, and see if you have also been to these locations this year.

Powered by iMapBuilder

The Washington Post has also created an interactive US map that pinpoints top 10 check-ins in the United States this year.

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Floor Plan

Last time, we introduced how to insert interactive infobox to a photo, and this time we have prepared another video about creating interactive floor plan with mouseover boxes. In the video, you can see steps for:

  • draw polygons
  • edit polygons (e.g. size, position, color)
  • insert infobox to the polygons

Mouse click below image to see the sample floor plan:

Google Maps Tells You What Your Country Is……

Are you curious of the stereotype of your county? You can now get the answer from this hilarious, interesting, and real(sometimes) Autocomplete Map, which labels all countries/states/cities  with the autocomplete search suggestions in Yahoo, “[State or city name] is……”

Here are some pick-ups from the map:

  • New York is killing me
  • Washington is Hollywood for ugly people
  • Manchester is red
  • Cambridge is bigger than Oxford
  • Oxford is better than Cambridge
  • The Netherlands is Holland
  • Portugal is not a small country
  • Austria is not Australia
  • Turkey is done at what tempture
  • South Africa is a country
  • Russia is in which continent
  • North Korea is a joke


Do you agree with these sayings?