Interactive Map: Education in the USA

The editors at Best Education Degrees have created an interactive US heat map for showcasing education in the USA in nine categories, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Education, and the Guttmacher Institute.

The nine categories for the heat map are:

  1. High School Graduation Rate
  2. Education Spending per Student
  3. College Graduation Rate
  4. Student Teacher Ratio
  5. Teen Pregnancy Rate
  6. 8th Grade Maths Assessment
  7. 8th Grade Reading Assessment
  8. 8th Grade Science Assessment
  9. 8th Grade Writing Assessment

Detailed information for each state about all categories can be seen in the infobox by mouse clicking the specific state.

Create Your Personal City Maps

Which map are you using when you are travelling? A map insides a tour guide book? A city map from tourist information centre? Or simply use Google Maps? Have you ever had an experience that you got lost and had no idea about where should go even you are holding the map on hand? You may be confused by thousand information on the map that is not really useful for your trip. Now, you can customized your own city maps using Suggestme.

In the Suggestme website, you can create your personal city map by selecting your favorite places on the map according to different categories (e.g. attractions, nightlife, shopping, entertainment, with children). Suggestion data on the website comes from tweets, Facebook mentions, and foursquare checkins. If there are locations that not being suggested on the map, you can also add custom places on the map.

This website also provides many information about the locations that you can find brief introduction of the location, photos that taken by visitors, mentions by others on various social media, daily weather report, and even suggestions near the locations.

After selecting all your favorite locations, you can print the map as a waterproof folded paper map in full color, and take it out during your trip. Meanwhile, the map can also be downloaded as a PDF for free.

Currently there are 21 cites can be selected, includes Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, London, New York, Paris, Prague.

It is interesting that we can customize our own travelling maps that free of charge. But please also bear in mind that most of the suggestions form the website are about restaurants and clubs. If you are interested in attractions and country parks, you may have to add custom points.

Start creating your own map by clicking following map:


Interactive Heat Map: Poverty in North Carolina


In the past, we have shared various U.S. maps about unemployment, food stamps, and average income, and here we have found another interactive heat map about poverty in North Carolina.

According to the federal government, poverty level was defined as an annual income equal or less than $23,283 for a family of four, or $11,945 for an individual in 2012. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the overall poverty rate of Borth Carolina in 2012 was 17.2 percent.

There are several types of family got higher poverty rate (%):

  • households led by single women with children under 5 (51.6%)
  • households led by single women with children under 18 (42.8%)
  • households led by single women (34%)
  • family with children under 5 (21.2%)
  • family with children under 18 (19:8%)

Check out the following heat map by selecting specific category in the drop-down box:

Heat Map: Map shows Countries Are Responsible to Climate Change

If you are wondering which countries emit more carbon dioxide and should be more responsible to climate change, you may refer to the following heat map for more ideas.

This heat map is created by New Scientist that the size of each countries are based on the amount of greenhouse gases they emit.


There are 0.74 °C warming between 1906 and 2005, and the United States is responsible for 22 percent (0.15 °C ) while China and Russia are responsible for 9 percent and 8 percent respectively.

It is interesting that though the U.S.A., China and Russia are countries should be most responsible to the climate change, United Kingdom and Germany are countries mostly heated.

We all understand that global warming and climate change is a world-wide issue that we all should cooperate together, and tackle it. For more information, you can refer to:
World Map: Cities that Climate Change Will Hit First
Carbon Emissions in America

Interactive West Virginia Map: Kanawha Valley Water Safety Status

The following interactive West Virginia Map brings good news to residents that they can slowly start using tap water now.

Areas in blue color mean the water is cafe while those in red mean residents should not use the tap water within these areas. According to the updates on the West Virginia American Water websites, there are more residents in the “all-clear zones” to enjoy the clean water.

West Virginia can always check the updates on the map at:

Sightsmap, Photographed Locations in the World


We are all familiar with Google’s Street View, but if you are interested in the world’s most photographed or most checked-in location, you may have to look for the Google’s Sightsmap.


Sightsmap is displayed in heat map version as default that map users can find the most photographed area in yellow color, and more makers will be displayed by zooming into the region. Photo, streetview, external link to Wikipedia or other webpages will be displayed in the popup box by clicking the marker, that the data is mainly obtained from Panoramio, Wikipedia, and foursquare.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map is just another version of “Street View” that let us explore the world by just leisurely sitting in our room, and the main differences of this Sightsmap with Street View are the images were taken by other people, and much more beautiful, for example you can see the sun set in Paris and the night view of Cologne in Germany at the same time, which Street View cannot satisfy us.

This map is wonderful with thousands images, so at the same time, it may take longer time for loading the heat map. Furthermore, markers in various colors are pinned on the map that map legend is needed for indicating the colors. (Markers in lighter colors represent higher popularity.)

Map users can also user the “trip plan” menu to get help while planning a trip using this map. We found this feature is very useful when you are planning a trip without any prior idea. You can:

  1. Select a starting point on the map
  2. Select spots for visiting
    (Or you can select “recommend” that suggested by the system)
  3.  Click “Show” to see the “Trip itinerary” for details (e.g. travelling time between spots, estimated visiting time in the spot, external links for the spot)
  4. Click “clear” to reset

Overall, this map is informative and useful for planning the trips by providing estimated visiting time, photos, and useful links. Let’s check out the map HERE.

Interactive European Etymology Map

If you are a big fan of the European languages, you may be interested in the following European Word Translator map, which uses the Google Translate API to show the translations of the specific word in various European languages on the map.


Map users can enter the word in the translation box, and than the translated word will be shown on the map.

Here is another static European map about “Christmas” in various European languages, and brief description can be seen in the map legend.


Interactive Map: Flu Near You

Previously we have shared the interactive HealthMap about outbreak of various diseases across the globe, and here is another interactive map, Flu Near You, administered by for displaying flu activities.


Various dot colors refer to different categories that map users can refer to the map legend below the map. There is also a timeline below the map that users can click the “play” button to see the heat map about the flu activity from late 2011 to present.

Similar to the HealthMap, charts are provided to show the flu trends and weekly reports.

Different from the HealthMap, this flu map is mainly focus on America and Canada, and the data is mainly from the subscribed map users.

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
Since there are so many dots on the map, clustering or category legend for the dots are needed to keep the map looks neat and clean.

Interactive Health Map, Tracks All Diseases Across the World


HealthMap is a real-time interactive world map for displaying all diseases across the globe that it was founded by Boston Children’s Hospital in 2006.

HealthMap obtains data from various sources, e.g. online news, witness reports, expert-curated discussions, and validated official reports, to maintain the map as comprehensive as it can.

There is also a mobile app for this map, “Outbreaks Near Me“, that deliver real-time information on a broad range of emerging infectious diseases.

Map Reviews: 4.5/5 Stars
First of all, the map is informative and useful enough for us to better understand the outbreak of diseases around us and even across the globe. There are many category legends (i.e. type of diseases, locations, sources, species, dates) for filtering that users can better search specific information in a shorter time.

There are other additional features to make the map user-friendly enough to keep us returning to this map. For example, search result can be displayed in list view with filter, and can be displayed in chart for showing the trend.

We love the simple design of the map as well that it uses clustering to keep the map as neat as it can. Map legend and map labels are hidden as default but users can enable it when necessary.

This map also supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic that I believe more languages will be launched in the coming future.

Last but not the least, map users can also provide source and information to the map by clicking the “add alerts” button on the top right corner of the map that make the map more informative and comprehensive.