Use Crowdsourced Maps to Improve Women’s Safety in India

Women’s safety is always one of the important issues in India, and now you can help to improve the situation by using various crowdsourced maps. The above crowdsourced map displays all reported sexual harassment and abuse in public areas in India, and welcome anonymous reports from map users.  Map users can mouse click the inserted […]

Crowdsourced Map: Best Beaches in the World

Stuff, a news and information website in New Zealand, has launched a campaign about finding the best beaches in the world. It has created an editable World map that displaying locations suggested from readers. Click on the pins (or the numbered circles then see the clustered pins), and you can see photo and description that provided […]

Crowdsourced Map for Wedding

Every time we talk about crowdsourcing, we will immediately think of “food”, “bars”, “festivals”,or other entertainment related keywords. Yet, one of our users has inspired us that crowdsourced map can be used as a message board for a wedding party! We have received an enquiry from our user about using the Google Map as an […]

Interactive Health Map, Tracks All Diseases Across the World

Rating: HealthMap is a real-time interactive world map for displaying all diseases across the globe that it was founded by Boston Children’s Hospital in 2006. HealthMap obtains data from various sources, e.g. online news, witness reports, expert-curated discussions, and validated official reports, to maintain the map as comprehensive as it can. There is also a […]

Interactive Google Maps: The Vancouver Sun’s Map for Seeing Road Conditions in Major Routes

Snow season has arrived Vancouver that it is time for people to pay attention to road conditions when they are going out, especially to those major routes. The Vancouver Sun has then created an interactive map for Metro Vancouver snow report. In the interactive map, users can mouse click an icon for further information (locations, […]

Google Maps: Christmas Lights in New Jersey

Christmas is coming after Thanksgiving, and here is an interactive map for Christmas lights in New Jersey that reminds you to start decorating Christmas lights in your home. You can find places that invite public to visit the lights, and mouse click the pins for details. This map is a crowdsourced map that map users […]

Interactive World Map: Merchants that Accept Bitcoin across the Globe

According to the new crowdsourced map from, number of physical locations that accept bitcoin has increased. In the beginning of November, there were 552 merchants being pinned on the CoinMap, which shows the locations of phusical merchants that accept bitcoin across the globe, and there were over 1000 locations on the map by 27th […]