Interactive Map: Weird Sex Laws in the United States

We all think that America is a land of freedom, however, io9 created a hilariously map that lists out some weird sex laws in the US.

We have converted this map into interactive, and here are some highlights that are really weird (in our views):

  • In Lowa, you cannot kiss more than 5 mins.
  • In Walnut (California), men cannot dress as a woman without the written permission of the sheriff.
  • In Colorado, keeping a house where unmarried persons are allowed to have sex is prohibited.
  • In Georgia, sex toys are prohibited.
  • In New Orleans, fortune-telling, astrology or palmistry cannot “settle lovers quarrels.”
  • In Haddon Township (New Jersey), flirting is illegal.
  • In Tennessee, students cannot hold hands in schools.

Video Tutorial: Create Dynamic Pie Chart Map

Mostly, we are used to present/analysis data using heat map or choropleth map, but there are other ways to visualize data (e.g. bubble chart, dynamic bar chart, pie chart map). Here we have prepared a new video about creating pie chart to analysis data and visualize the result on the map. In the video, you will know how to:

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Dynamic Asian Map: Territorial Disputes among Asian Countries


Recently, territorial disputes in Asia has drawn attention from the globe as those disputes are mostly related to China. Because of the history and the vast borders, China is having various disputes with different countries in different areas, In order to provide a brief and clear picture to those concerning the issues, South China Morning Post has created a dynamic Asian map for showing some key disputes in Asian regions.

Users can mouseover / mouse click key items in the “Key” legend to see detailed information.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

This map manipulates category legends to provide detailed information with popup texts/lines that keep the map neat and simple. Category legend with single selection feature is created for land claims while multiple selection is created for continental shelf claims that users can clearly identify which how many countries are involved in a single issue, how the countries claim for their continental rights.

Similar sample map with category legend (single selection) has been created by us, and you can also check it out at:

Interactive Maps: Top Check-Ins Around The World in Facebook

This Monday, Facebook released a review for 2013 that analyzes trends in 2013, e.g. top life events, most talked topics, top check-ins around. Here we had created an interactive Google Maps that pinpointing top 25 check-ins around the world in Facebook this year. Mouse click the pins to get details, and see if you have also been to these locations this year.

Powered by iMapBuilder

The Washington Post has also created an interactive US map that pinpoints top 10 check-ins in the United States this year.

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Floor Plan

Last time, we introduced how to insert interactive infobox to a photo, and this time we have prepared another video about creating interactive floor plan with mouseover boxes. In the video, you can see steps for:

  • draw polygons
  • edit polygons (e.g. size, position, color)
  • insert infobox to the polygons

Mouse click below image to see the sample floor plan:

Video Tutorial: Add Interactive Infobox with Rich Content in HTML5 Maps

Last month, we have shared a video tutorial about adding markers to HTML5 maps, and here is another tutorial about adding rich-content infobox even you know little or nothing about any coding.

In the updated HTML5 Map Builder, users can now insert images, customize the image position, edit font style, and insert external video into the infobox without coding. Advanced html editor is also provided if users wanna add other features to the infobox.

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Heat Map using Google Maps

This week we have introduced a heat map about current credit status in the United States in Google Maps that we have created a video tutorial about creating similar heat map using Google Maps interface.

In the video, you can see detailed steps for:

  • enable heat map feature in custom Google Maps
  • edit heat map settings
  • add geographic area polygons with heat map values
  • set predefined map view
  • other map settings before publishing the map

U.S. Heat Map: Gender Population Ratios by State


Many people may think that there are more women than men in the United States, and actually it is quite true that there are only ten states have more men than women in United States.

The heat map, based on 2010 U.S. Census data, shows the ratio of men to women in each state that darker blue refers to higher men population. Overall, there are about 97 men to 100 women, and only following ten states have more men than female:

  • Alaska (108.5:100)
  • Wyoming (104.1:100)
  • North Dakota (102.1:100)
  • Nevada (102:100)
  • Utah (100.9:100)
  • Montana (100.8:100)
  • Colorado(100.5:100)
  • Idaho (100.4:100)
  • Hawaii (100.3:100)
  • South Dakota (100.1:100)

u.s. states by sex men blue

Map Reviews: 3/5 Stars
There is one thing that I think can greatly improved the map design with map legend for indicating the countries’ colors. Furthermore, interactive effects (e.g. infobox, group highlight) can be added for enriching the map design.

Source: Business Insider

Updated H7N9 Map: First Confirmed H7N9 Bird Flu Virus Case in Hong Kong

The deadly H7N9 birl flu virus has come to Hong Kong as the 1st case has been confirmed on Monday morning. The 1st H7N9 case has first been found in China back to February and has killed 45 people in China, and here we have updated the H7N9 Google Maps for your information:

A 36-year-old Indonesian domestic worker was found to have contracted the H7N9 bird flu virus after travelling to Shenzhen recently, and had killed and cooked a live chicken, and is now in a critical condition in Queen Mary Hospital. Secretary of the Food and Health Bureau Dr Ko Wing-man believed the case was imported from Mainland China. Dr Ko added that the risk of human-to-human transmission could not be ascertained yet but the city’s three-level response system has been activated to deal with a potential flu pandemic.

Create Interactive Stadium Seat Plan


Here is another sample map that created by image editor, iiCreator. This interactive stadium map divided various type of seats by colors, and group seats that share the same ticket price by popup boxes. You can click the above image to see the dynamic map and detailed steps of creating the seat plan like this.