World Heat Map: South Korea is the Country with the Largest Gender Pay Gap

In the past, we have shared maps about gender pay gap in the United States and in New Jersey, and today let’s us see the whole picture of the world.


This world map highlights the percentage pay gap between men and women around the world that there is no country where women earn more than their male counterparts, on average. Surprisingly, South Korea is the country with highest gender pay gap percentage (37.5%) in the world, and Russia places second (32.1%) in this map.

However, this map is not comprehensive enough as data was not available for many countries (especially those in Africa)

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Map: US Gender Pay Gap

We all know that there is gender pay gap that women get less salary than men on average, and we have shared an interactive Google Maps about this phenomenon in New Jersey before. Here we have found another U.S. for showing a wider picture of this issue.

heat map us gender pay gap

According to the above chart and map, we can see that women make 77 cents for every $1 earned by men in average, and women in Washington, D.C., Marland, Nevada, and Vermont can even earn more than 84 cents for every $1 the men make. However, the gender pay gap still exists, that happens in every county, and even female employees working in the White House make less dollar than men.

So you think the gender pay gap is an issue that has to be solved? Share your views with us.

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This heat map is not user friendly to read as the color setting is a bit complicated. We would suggest using continuous color rather than the current discrete range color since the former can better present the differences of data values in various counties.