Interactive Heat Map: Gender Inequality in the World


Here is an interactive heat map showing gender inequality across the world based on each country’s Gender Inequality Index (GII), which according to the number of factors (e.g. maternal mortality rate, the number of seats women hold in government bodies, the labor force participation rate). The lower the GII number, the better gender equality in the country.

According to the map, we can see that gender equality in European countries are higher than countries in other areas as all the top ten are European countries, while the top three are the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. We may be surprised that the U.S. ranks while Canada and U.K. ranks 18 and 34 respectively.

Women in Yemen, Afghanistan, Niger, Saudi Arabia, and Congo are living in the least gender equal society.

Map users can mouseover the countries to see the actual GII in the tooltips and see if you agree with the map. GII is just an index for giving us basic concept about the gender equality in various countries while realistic situation can be various depends on regions (rural areas and cities), how the media treats women, women status in family (e.g. role in parenting and marriage).

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This heat map is simple and net enough for showing the GII report with tooltips however, this map can be more informative by providing detailed information for specific countries (e.g. external links to related news, videos, background information of the country).

Interactive Chicago Commute Mode Map


Few months ago, we have shared an interactive commute map in Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York regions, and now we find another commute map for Chicago. This map shows various transportation mode people use for commute in each Chicago’s neighborhood.


The map is created by Shaun Jacobsen, a writer of the Transitized blog and a freelances of Streetblog, last week for showing the primary commute mode foe each census tract using data from 2008-2012, and also displays how many households do not own a car that map users may be surprised by the fact that there is amount of households in Chicago don’t own a car.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map provides rich-information for various commute mode with detailed statistic. However, the category legend for selecting heat map layer of individual commute mode is hidden that map users may find difficult to figure it out. Category legend and map legends are always playing important role in indication that it should be displayed in the default map view.

Interactive Homicide Report for Los Angeles

There is an interactive map for homicide reports in Los Angeles County that any death deemed a homicide by the coroner’s office will be included in the report.

This interactive report is a clustering map that map users can zoom in the map by clicking the bubble. Detailed information of the individual homicide (e.g. report of the case, updated news of the arrests, and court trials) can be seen by selecting a specific point on the map.

Heat map overlay is also applied on the map for highlighting regions in various homicide levels.


Since 2007, 33% of the deaths in L.A. come from the African American community that gun violence accounted for 74% of it. (We have previously shared another U.S. map about gun violence.)

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This interactive map is very informative and user-friendly that provides detailed information for individual case on a neat and simple interface. Clear and simple interface are key elements when creating a map, and here are some highlights for this map:

  • Clustering feature helps simplifying numerous points on the map
  • Category legend is provided for user to disable useless information on the map
  • Heat map layer in light and soft color tone keep the map looks simple
  • Heat map legend is provided for indication

As an interactive report, this map is easy to navigate and valuable for residents to keep tracking the safety status in their community.

Interactive China Map: How Chinese Travelling Home for Lunar New Year


This Friday (31 Jan) is the new year day of Lunar New Year in China, which means it is the beginning of “Chunyun”, a holiday that people travelling home for family gathering. Here is an interactive China map, created by Baidu, for tracking all congestion.

Basically, it is a hell for travelling during this period, and BBC has mentioned that Beijing’s major train stations is know as “the busiest place on the planet” with horrible traffic jams. In order to keep tracking the congestion, Baidu (similar to Google in China) has launched the interactive live map for updating all the trips in each hour. Map users can also search data by date, time, and city. There are also charts list out the most popular cities for arrive at/departure. Currently, Beijing is the main target city that Chinese are travelling to, and Chongqing is the second most popular city. Meanwhile, Beijing is also the most popular city for departure, which is understandable that most of the Chinese work in capital and travel back to home for celebrating festival. So it is not surprisingly that Shanghai places second in the list.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
Though this live map provides useful information, but it is only useful to Chinese or those who knows Chinese as the map does not support other languages, e.g. English. Furthermore, the map does not support pan and zooming that users can either search cities in the search box or mouse click the cities in the chart.

Heat Map: World Acceptance Towards Homosexual

Last year we have shared several maps about homosexual, and we have also created an interactive heat map for showcasing world acceptance towards homosexual. Today, we have found another heat maps for more information.

Here is a heat map, which was created by Pew Research Center after interviewing around 38000 interviewees from 39 countries from March to May last year, showing which countries accept homosexuality while which do not. In the map, the darker red represents lower acceptance while the greener represents higher acceptance.



Pew Homosexuality

This heat map is similar to our interactive heat map that created in last June that countries like Canada, Australia, and Argentina.


Map Reviews: 3/5 Stars
The map cannot display the whole picture of the world acceptance towards homosexual as only little amount of people from 39 countries have participated in the research, and people from many countries, like India, have not been interviewed.
There is also a minor suggestion towards the above heat map that heat map legend is needed for indicating the heat map colors.

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In Flight, Tracks All the Planes in the Sky

We have experienced being trapped in the airport because of the flight delay or cancellation. Today, The Guardian launched an interactive live map for showing all the planes currently (or flights within 24 hours) in the sky across the globe that passengers can now track the flights.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
It is an interesting and stunning interactive map for seeing all the planes are currently flying in the sky. However, the loading of the map is not that smooth due to the large data source. Furthermore, you cannot use this map for tracking your delayed flight as it is not an informative tool map.

Health Map of the UK


Today, we find a health map of the UK, which reveals that East Anglia is one of the healthiest regions while Wales is the worst one in the UK.


In the map, health condition can be measured by following categories:

  • number of risk factors
  • smoking
  • overweight or obese
  • undertake health screens
  • eating habits
  • exercise
  • overall

And the rankings are marked as “Good”, “Bad”, and “Very Bad” in different colors.

The results are based on the responses from 10000 employees across the country for showing how people’s health would be affected by living and working.

Map Reviews: 2.5/5 Stars
The map is not easy to read as the indications for those markers are not clear that map users cannot see the health rankings in the first sight.

Alternatively, heat map can be created for presenting the rankings in this case so map users can better understand which region is the healthiest and the worst. Since there are many categories in this report, heat maps can also be created by categories, and a category legend can be created for selection use.

Create Your Personal City Maps

Which map are you using when you are travelling? A map insides a tour guide book? A city map from tourist information centre? Or simply use Google Maps? Have you ever had an experience that you got lost and had no idea about where should go even you are holding the map on hand? You may be confused by thousand information on the map that is not really useful for your trip. Now, you can customized your own city maps using Suggestme.

In the Suggestme website, you can create your personal city map by selecting your favorite places on the map according to different categories (e.g. attractions, nightlife, shopping, entertainment, with children). Suggestion data on the website comes from tweets, Facebook mentions, and foursquare checkins. If there are locations that not being suggested on the map, you can also add custom places on the map.

This website also provides many information about the locations that you can find brief introduction of the location, photos that taken by visitors, mentions by others on various social media, daily weather report, and even suggestions near the locations.

After selecting all your favorite locations, you can print the map as a waterproof folded paper map in full color, and take it out during your trip. Meanwhile, the map can also be downloaded as a PDF for free.

Currently there are 21 cites can be selected, includes Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, London, New York, Paris, Prague.

It is interesting that we can customize our own travelling maps that free of charge. But please also bear in mind that most of the suggestions form the website are about restaurants and clubs. If you are interested in attractions and country parks, you may have to add custom points.

Start creating your own map by clicking following map:


Interactive Heat Map: Poverty in North Carolina


In the past, we have shared various U.S. maps about unemployment, food stamps, and average income, and here we have found another interactive heat map about poverty in North Carolina.

According to the federal government, poverty level was defined as an annual income equal or less than $23,283 for a family of four, or $11,945 for an individual in 2012. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the overall poverty rate of Borth Carolina in 2012 was 17.2 percent.

There are several types of family got higher poverty rate (%):

  • households led by single women with children under 5 (51.6%)
  • households led by single women with children under 18 (42.8%)
  • households led by single women (34%)
  • family with children under 5 (21.2%)
  • family with children under 18 (19:8%)

Check out the following heat map by selecting specific category in the drop-down box:

Sightsmap, Photographed Locations in the World


We are all familiar with Google’s Street View, but if you are interested in the world’s most photographed or most checked-in location, you may have to look for the Google’s Sightsmap.


Sightsmap is displayed in heat map version as default that map users can find the most photographed area in yellow color, and more makers will be displayed by zooming into the region. Photo, streetview, external link to Wikipedia or other webpages will be displayed in the popup box by clicking the marker, that the data is mainly obtained from Panoramio, Wikipedia, and foursquare.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map is just another version of “Street View” that let us explore the world by just leisurely sitting in our room, and the main differences of this Sightsmap with Street View are the images were taken by other people, and much more beautiful, for example you can see the sun set in Paris and the night view of Cologne in Germany at the same time, which Street View cannot satisfy us.

This map is wonderful with thousands images, so at the same time, it may take longer time for loading the heat map. Furthermore, markers in various colors are pinned on the map that map legend is needed for indicating the colors. (Markers in lighter colors represent higher popularity.)

Map users can also user the “trip plan” menu to get help while planning a trip using this map. We found this feature is very useful when you are planning a trip without any prior idea. You can:

  1. Select a starting point on the map
  2. Select spots for visiting
    (Or you can select “recommend” that suggested by the system)
  3.  Click “Show” to see the “Trip itinerary” for details (e.g. travelling time between spots, estimated visiting time in the spot, external links for the spot)
  4. Click “clear” to reset

Overall, this map is informative and useful for planning the trips by providing estimated visiting time, photos, and useful links. Let’s check out the map HERE.