Clickable Map: Bird Flu Virus in China

interactive-google-map-china-bird-flu-virusThe deadly new strain of bird flu (H7N9) has been found in China, and China has confirmed 16 cases of H7N9 nationwide, with patients ranging in age from 4 to 87. A clickable Google Map has been created to report the latest news of this issue.

The map is created by George Chen,an editor of South China Morning Post, and marks the locations with confirmed H7N9 cases. The red markers show the deaths, the blue markers show the confirmed H7N9 infection, and the pink markers show other strains. Click on the markers, and detailed information about each case will be displayed.

Friday, China has confirmed 6 deaths cases in eastern China, and the Authorities stressed they have yet to find a case of human-to-human transmission and the current cases were appeared to come from human contact with birds.

The world has become more familiar with avian flu over the past decade, for example the spread of H5N1 avian flu, which has proved frighteningly deadly—killing 60% of those it infected, in the past. And the new H7N9 is more worrying than H5N1 due to the genetic changes in the avian virus, which may be adapting to infect mammals.

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