Dynamic Heat Map: Carbon Emissions in America

When we talk about global warming and air pollution, we may always think of carbon emissions in big cities, but the study from the University of California, Berkeley finds that suburbs should be responsible for it.

The above heat map shows that emission of carbon dioxide in the suburbs is higher than the cities, even though less than 50 percents of the population lives in the suburbs. It is quite surprising that households produce more greenhouse gases than transportation. For example, households in Manhattan have a average carbon footprint of 32 metric tons annually, which is the same amount to power 6.7 cars per a year. It is notable that households in dense urban areas have lower carbon footprints than those in suburbs because they use public transportation and multi-unit dwellings, which require less energy for heating and cooling.

The above heat map is created in zipcode level that map users can mouseover on the map to see details in the popup box, which is positioned on the top right corner, according to specific zipcode area. Bar chart is inserted into the box for presenting amount of carbon emission in various categories (transportation, household, food, goods, service).

Source: Carbon Footprint Maps

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