Health Map of the UK


Today, we find a health map of the UK, which reveals that East Anglia is one of the healthiest regions while Wales is the worst one in the UK.


In the map, health condition can be measured by following categories:

  • number of risk factors
  • smoking
  • overweight or obese
  • undertake health screens
  • eating habits
  • exercise
  • overall

And the rankings are marked as “Good”, “Bad”, and “Very Bad” in different colors.

The results are based on the responses from 10000 employees across the country for showing how people’s health would be affected by living and working.

Map Reviews: 2.5/5 Stars
The map is not easy to read as the indications for those markers are not clear that map users cannot see the health rankings in the first sight.

Alternatively, heat map can be created for presenting the rankings in this case so map users can better understand which region is the healthiest and the worst. Since there are many categories in this report, heat maps can also be created by categories, and a category legend can be created for selection use.

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