Interactive Google Map: Locations to Buy Great British Grub Across the World

If you are so addicted to British food and drink then you should not miss the following interactive world map, which pinpoints grocers, butcher, and bakers that sell food from clotted cream to pork pies.

It is obvious that the map does not pin all the shops that sell British Grub, so you are invited to add locations on the map by providing information to the map creator. Actually there is an alternative way for the map creator to better crowdsourcing data by creating crowdsourced map. Crowdsourced map enable map users to directly add locations all the map, and the map creator can control the crowdsourced data in an admin panel. Details about crowdsourcing can be seen in the following video:

Furthermore, since there are multiple locations in the same region, and more locations will be added, the map is becoming messy with numerous icons on the map that clustering can tackle the issue. Clustering groups locations on the map based on some factors, such as proximity or by the map data that makes the map leaner and cleaner. Here is a sample map for reference:

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