Interactive Google Maps Shows Locations of all the US Shale Oil and Gas Wells


Post Carbon Institute has created an interactive Google Maps that shows over 63,000 locations of the U.S. shale gas and shale oil (tight oil) wells, using data from Drilling Info.

Regions for different plays (i.e. shale oil plays, shale gas plays, oil and gas plays) are highlighted in various colors on the map, however, there in no mouseover infobox for these regions. Details for individual plays (e.g. production date, well ID, gas production status) can be seen by mouse hovering the red points.

Reviews: 3/5 Stars
Presenting detailed information is always the main purpose of informative map, however, this Google Maps got a mistake in infobox design causes the low rating in our map reviews. The size and the position of infobox are fixed that there will be a scroll bar when the text content a bit longer for several points. However, the infobox is a mouseover event that the popup box would disappear once the mouse hovering off the point. So, how can the map users see the full infobox content by scrolling the scroll bar? The issue can be easily tackled by changing the event to mouse click box or re-size the infobox.

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