Interactive Health Map, Tracks All Diseases Across the World


HealthMap is a real-time interactive world map for displaying all diseases across the globe that it was founded by Boston Children’s Hospital in 2006.

HealthMap obtains data from various sources, e.g. online news, witness reports, expert-curated discussions, and validated official reports, to maintain the map as comprehensive as it can.

There is also a mobile app for this map, “Outbreaks Near Me“, that deliver real-time information on a broad range of emerging infectious diseases.

Map Reviews: 4.5/5 Stars
First of all, the map is informative and useful enough for us to better understand the outbreak of diseases around us and even across the globe. There are many category legends (i.e. type of diseases, locations, sources, species, dates) for filtering that users can better search specific information in a shorter time.

There are other additional features to make the map user-friendly enough to keep us returning to this map. For example, search result can be displayed in list view with filter, and can be displayed in chart for showing the trend.

We love the simple design of the map as well that it uses clustering to keep the map as neat as it can. Map legend and map labels are hidden as default but users can enable it when necessary.

This map also supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic that I believe more languages will be launched in the coming future.

Last but not the least, map users can also provide source and information to the map by clicking the “add alerts” button on the top right corner of the map that make the map more informative and comprehensive.

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