Interactive Map: iPhone 5S Prices across the Globe


Recently, a UK retailer, Mobile Unlocked, created an interactive heat map about iPhone 5S prices in all countries. This map shows the relationship between the iPhone 5S prices and the National GDP (PPP) per capita for all countries where it is available.



The map was created based on the data from the local Apple stores for each country or a listed official supplier from the Apple site that were available on November 18th 2013. According to the map, iPhone 5S is most expensive in China with 9.55% of the average GDP, while it is the cheapest in the USA with just 1.15%.

Since iPhone 5S is going to be launched in more countries, the map will be updated later.

Map Reviews: 4.5/5 Stars

This heat map is very informative and user-friendly by creating various category legends for map users to better find related information. Map users can select heat maps by GDP, Prices in US Dollars ($) or GB Pounds (£), and prices exclude tax in various currencies. When map users mouseover the regions, detailed information will be popped-up. There are also an interactive ranking list and interactive chart next to the map for provided additional information to the map readers.

Data is well-presented in this interactive heat map that we strongly recommend our readers to check out the map by clicking the above map image.

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