Interactive Route Map: Trace Andres Bonifacio’s Steps

Today (November 30) is Bonifacio Day from Philippines. In order to celebrate this national holiday, has create an interactive map to take a peek into the life of Andres Bonifacio, a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary, by tracing his footsteps on the map.


Map users can mouse click marker for description in popup boxes, and locations of monuments and shrines have also been pinned on the map.

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
Creative map that presents a person’s life story by tracing his footsteps on the map, and provided brief information in the popup box. Though the map can be improved in following aspects:

  • Some icons are hidden when there are numbers of pins in a small area that issue can be solved by enable markers clustering.
  • Content within the infobox of the line is not really related to the map theme as it is only the direction instruction of the drawn line. More information about Bonifacio can be inserted into the infobox to enrich the map content in this case.
  • The infobox is a bit dull that lack of image, video, or external link that multi-media content can be added for attracting the map users.

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