Interactive UK Map: Children are Waiting for Adoption


If you are family in the United Kingdom, which is looking forward to adopt children, you may find the following interactive map quite useful. The following interactive map is created by First4Adoption that shows the number of children waiting to be placed within each local authority adoption agency in England. Mouse click the icons to see details about the local authority.

According to the map, there were 6890 children waiting to be placed while there were 4093 approved adopters waiting for a child. Approved adopters cab adopt children through any agency anywhere in the country. Now, would-be adopters are being urged by a minister to manipulate the following map to help matching them to the children in need of a home.

Check out the map below and get the updated information now!

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map is very informative with simple & smart design. First, the purple tone map color settings(e.g. infobox background colors, icon colors, border colors) perfectly match with heat map colors. Second, text content is neatly presented within infobox using “table”, and further information can be viewed by clicking the inserted URL button. Last but not the neat, there is heat map legend for indicating the distribution of to-be-adopted children across the country.

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