Interactive World Map: Merchants that Accept Bitcoin across the Globe

According to the new crowdsourced map from, number of physical locations that accept bitcoin has increased.

In the beginning of November, there were 552 merchants being pinned on the CoinMap, which shows the locations of phusical merchants that accept bitcoin across the globe, and there were over 1000 locations on the map by 27th November.

CoinMap was created in April by Pavol Rusnak, who is also working on the hardware bitcoin wallet Trezor. CoinMap is a crowdsourced map that all locations are informed by map users or bitcoin merchants. Users can add pins on the map by following steps in the following video:

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map is simple and user-friendly that users can mouse click the bitcoin icons for detailed information. Since there are many pins on the map, clustering is enabled that maintain the map as simple and neat as it can.
However, map legend is needed as there many various pin icons on the map but lack of indication, or create category legend for grouping and better searching with filtering feature. Furthermore, there is no search box for searching locations by address / zip code , so category legend can improve the searching performance as an alternative method.


Other than the CoinMap, another map from is also used for showcasing locations that accept bitcoin with over 1400 pins on it currently.


Map Reviews: 4.5/5 Stars
This man is more user-friendly as there is search box for searching locations by address/zip code, and users can search related category using the category legend, where the pin icons are indicated by tooltips,¬†above the map. Last but not the least, map users can also search for directions by clicking the “Get Directions” icon on the top right corner of the map.

Bitcoin is getting more popular and is being concerned by the market nowadays. Check the above maps to get more idea about it now.


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