Reasons to Create Maps in HTML5

Many people are asking, “Why we have to create maps in HTML5 rather than in flash?”, and here we are going to list out the reasons and advantages about HTML5 maps.

Many of our users and readers are familiar with flash and have created thousands editable flash maps. However, the trend is now moving to HTML5 as we are more likely to spend time using mobile devices, tablets, and iPad during our commuting time than sitting in front of a desktop, and we all know that, “Flash does not support cross-platform”. Won’t you feel badly when you cannot read the website content that is in flash using your mobile or tablets? Yes, I will, and I will give up accessing those websites. For not loosing your potential visitors, let’s create website content using HTML5, which supports cross-platform (include iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and others).

Since the maps support HTML, you can now create/edit the maps with greater variations, which can be mostly seen in the popup information box. By adding various HTML code, you can insert multi-media (e.g. images, videos, tables, external links) into the popup box. Furthermore, you can customized the font style, colors, and size of the text according to your preferences, and the style can be different from line to line.

Data can be imported to create maps (e.g. heat map, bubble chart, pie chart) for visualizing your data and presentation use. It is not complicated to create the data file, and simple file can be founded in the software. Heat maps and bubble charts are very common in reports (e.g. Internet Population in Each CountryGun Violence in America, China Global Investment) that you can quickly create yours using HTML5 editor.

For non-programmers, it may be quite complicated for uploading map files to hosting server, and maybe scared by setting up FTP. Now, you can instantly publish, upload, and share the interactive maps using HTML5 Map Builder even you do not own a hosting server account.

Check out the video below and subscribe our Youtube channel for catching the updated video tutorials:

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