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Nowadays we are more awareness about the spread of infectious disease but we have no idea about how to avoid being inflected in the public area. Here is an interactive map app for presenting areas with sickness report. Since people are used to post feeds on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, this map gets data from these platforms (if the users make the information public with location information). Furthermore, members of SickWeather can directly report their status to the map. After gaining data, the map will generate polygons of sick zones that remind users to avoid. SickWeather is available as both a website and as a free iOS mobile app.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
We love this idea which is useful for tracking potential infectious disease zones, but some improvements are needed to make the map become more user-friendly.

  • Bigger map legend as the current map legend is too small to read the legend items.
  • It would be better if there is mouse click infobox for each polygon and infobox for each symptom report.
  • Can categorize illnesses using various polygon colors.

Data for this map is not complete since people in several countries cannot access to Facebook and Twitter (e.g. China, North Korea), and not many people will really contribute the information online. But anyway, this map is a good fresh idea that we are looking forward to its later development.

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