Updated Apple Map Provokes Controversy in Taiwan

Recently, the updated Apple Map has provoked controversy in Taiwan as it states Taiwan as a Chinese province.
The updated operation system of Apple is not welcomed by everyone, and Taiwanese are one of these. In the updated Apple Map, Taiwan is listed as ”Taiwan Province, China” on the map. Taiwan has contacted Apple and demanded for the correction, an official from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday. Furthermore, the simplified Chinese characters in the map app also upset Taiwanese as they write and read in traditional Chinese characters.
On Apple’s website, however, Taiwan is listed in traditional Chinese characters, and referred as a country “province” and “China”.
According to the saying of the Taiwanese official, they are still communicating with Apple, and said they would not compromise about this kind of matter.

Apple Map Acquires Indoor Mapping Company

Apple has acquired an indoor-GPS company, WifiSLAM, and it is just the beginning of this maps war.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the acquisition could help Apple to complete with Google, especially in the field of indoor map. It should be one of the big steps for Apple to gain a higher place in this maps war since Google Map still has it’s shortage in the iOS version. Apple would definitely gain back the confidence form Apple users if Apple can provide indoor maps of popular locations like airports, train stations, and shopping malls.

WifiSLAM provides service to detect a phone user’s location by using the Wi-Fi signals that inside a building, and it has been offering the technology for indoor mapping and new types of retail and social-networking apps.

It is just the beginning of this maps war, and let’s wait and see the development

Goggle Map Outstrips Apple Map by the First Update for iOS

Google Map has launched its first update for iOS on 5 Mar, and has outstripped the Apple Map with new search icons and integration with Google Contacts.

As a iOS users, are you anticipating to try the updated Google Map? Now you can easily search for your friends’ addresses by simply type the name in the Google map. And the second biggest feature is the new search icons for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other types of places. All these updates help to save your time when searching locations. Furthermore, you can manually set the measure unit in kilometers or miles depending on the local measurement system, which is far more user-friendly than before.

Started from the launch of Apple Map last year, Google Map has always been praised when compare to those shortcomings of the uncompleted Apple Map. Apple is hurry in the improvement that can be seen in it’s eager searching for people to fix the software last month, however, it was dropped behind by Google Map, again.