Dynamic Asian Map: Territorial Disputes among Asian Countries


Recently, territorial disputes in Asia has drawn attention from the globe as those disputes are mostly related to China. Because of the history and the vast borders, China is having various disputes with different countries in different areas, In order to provide a brief and clear picture to those concerning the issues, South China Morning Post has created a dynamic Asian map for showing some key disputes in Asian regions.

Users can mouseover / mouse click key items in the “Key” legend to see detailed information.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

This map manipulates category legends to provide detailed information with popup texts/lines that keep the map neat and simple. Category legend with single selection feature is created for land claims while multiple selection is created for continental shelf claims that users can clearly identify which how many countries are involved in a single issue, how the countries claim for their continental rights.

Similar sample map with category legend (single selection) has been created by us, and you can also check it out at:

Create Interactive Asian Map – Marketing Branches in Asian Countries

iMapBuilder HTML5 Map Builder has launched the map template of Asian countries, including China, Japan and India. Since there are increasing inquiry about creating branch location map for Asian regions, we have created a sample map for the reference.

You can first highlight the specific regions, and then pinpoint locations with markers. You can distinguish the locations by using different marker icon (i.e. bigger red icon represents the Head Office in Hong Kong). Infobox with the information of the branches can be inserted to each markers, and you can also customize the infobox style that suit your map / company image.

More Asian map templates are coming out, and please look forward to it.