Interactive Hipster Map of Melbourne

If you are interested in hipster, and is living in / going to Melbourne, you must not miss this interactive map, which has pinpointed around 150 locations that hipsters can visit in Melbourne (include restaurants, cafes, bars, boutiques).

Interactive Hipster Map of Melbourne

You can mouse click the icons to see basic information in the popup box.

This interactive map can be improved in following ways:

US Map: States Renamed for Countries with Similar GDPs

Recently, we have shared various interesting & hilarious U.S. maps about new states’ names in our twitter and pinterested.

Here we have found another U.S. map about renaming states names to other countries with similar GDPs.

us map states renamed for countries with simkilar GDPs

The map is created using data in 2012. In 2012, California, the largest state economy in U.S., was the 9th largest economy in the world, which was just slightly below Italy’s GDP in the same year. So you can see that California is renamed as “Italy” in this map. Furthermore, Texas is renamed as “Australia”, which is the world’s 13th largest country by GDP.

You can check out the map to see which country produced similar GDP as your state in 2012.

Here is a similar map using data in 2007 that you may compare the differences between two maps.

us map states renamed for countries with similar GDPs 2007

Please note that economy atmosphere in both the U.S. and the globe were different in 2007 & 2012 that we could not simply comment if the economy in specific state was good or bad just based on the map as further study and comparison are needed.

Feel free to share your views toward these maps or tell us if you have amazed by the maps.

Interactive World Map: NSA Interception

Last year, Edward Snowden leaked National Security Agency documents that remind us the insecure of our privacy. Here is an interactive world map, taking reference from the Snowden reports on surveillance by NSA, shows which countries are being intercepted by the spy services from the Western World (Five Eyes group – the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

The map is created by Sniffmap, which has run random tests on international internet traffic originating from a country for checking how many routes are intercepted by Five Eyes.

The concept of this map is checking if an internet route between two IP addresses would pass by an NSA controlled country. If yes, the route will be considered as intercepted that you can see around 80% of the routes are captured by Five Eyes in the map.

Limitations of the map:
Sniffmap admits that the map fails to take account data captured by non-Five Eyes countries.
The map depends on geographic IP to determine location of routers, which is not 100% accurate.
This map is lacking most of the data from African countries that you could improve it by contributing traceroute results.

world heat map nsa interception

Locations to Celebrate Australia Day in New South Wales

The annual Australia Day is coming next week that it is time for Australians to celebrate it with family and friends. The following interactive Google Maps has pinpointed various celebrations in New South Wales. Check out the details by clicking the stars.


You can check out ways to celebrate the day HERE.

Interactive Australia Map: Public Barbecues Locations in Gold Coast

For those who are enjoying their summer in Australia, please don’t miss the following map to search for the BBQ locations in Gold Coast that the map pinpoints locations of public barbecues across the region.

Map users can mouse click the pins for detailed information, e.g. address, no. of barbecues at the site, no. of plates & wash taps.

This map is created with clustering that map users can mouse click the numbered circle to zoom in for more locations.


Interactive Google Maps: The Cultural Atlas of Australia

University of Queensland has created a new project, The Cultural Atlas of Australia, which  plots more than 300 Australian places and locations used as settings in films, novels, and plays. This interactive map can be used for planning literary tours, visit film sites, or research landscape and locations in Australian stories to cultural travelers, students, and scholars.

You can search locations by text or author, browse the locations, or utilizing the filter options in the category legend column. Mouse click the icons, and you can find the inserted URL for the synopsis of the work.

This map welcome any contribution from anyone that people can provide the information through the website or via The Cultural Atlas of Australia Facebook page.


Interactive Google Maps: Christmas Lights in Dubbo (Australia)

Christmas is just in the corner that many maps have been created for pinpointing locations with Christmas events. Here is an interactive Australia map for pinpointing locations with amazing Christmas light displays.


This map is still updating with information provided by public that you can feel free to provide information or photos to the map creator.

Further reading: Christmas Lights in New Jersey, United States

Interactive Australia Map: Doctor Who in Australia

Doctor Who, a British science-fiction television programme, is celebrating its 50th birthday this week. The has created an interactive Google Maps about all locations in Australia have been mentioned in the TV series for celebrating its birthday.

Please note that the map is based in the TV series but not the novels, comics, or audio plays, and it does not include broad reference to Australia that did not specify a location.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars

Simple but informative and interesting map. In the past, we have introduced maps with multiple features that contains lots of content, but sometimes “simple is the best”. This Google Maps simple pinned all locations with popup box that not much features have been added but already enough for the map theme.

Though it’s simple, external links have been inserted to the popup boxes for detailed information. Map creator can manually pin locations on the map, or import data file for bulk data.

Though the map is nice, we think adding some drama photos or video clips into the boxes would definitely make the map more interesting.

Google Map: Current Rural Fire Service in New South Wales, Australia

The New South Wales Fire Service (NSW RFS) is urging the public to prepare and be vigilant with extreme fire weather forecast for much of the state on Thursday, and people can see detailed information about the current rural fire service incidents in the following Google Maps:


Heat Map: Gender Gap in Science across the Globe

A heat map from UNESCO about the gender gap in science around the globe shows relative equality in parts of South America and Central Asia, and relatively higher inequality in countries like India, France, Germany, and Japan, which is quite surprising that women make up less than a third of researchers in some of these world’s science leading countries.

Meanwhile, the map only presents portion of the situation as it does not reflect the women status in science field in countries like United States, Australia, China.

In conclusion, the map does reflect that the world is not all the same.