USA Map: Beer Tour

We have just found an interesting image map beer tour in California, where is well-known for the home to many breweries.


The above map is a static image, but it can be more interesting in dynamic ways. You can easily create the dynamic beer tour map by importing a custom image into an image creator, and then add pins with mouseover boxes on the image. Inside the popup boxes, you can easily insert images, external links, text contents, videos, and more. It is not complicated and everyone, includes the non-programmer, can create their own interactive images at home.

More dynamic images can be found:

Heat Map: Latest US Beer Exercise Tax Rate

Tax Foundation has just posted a heat map about the State Beer Exercise Tax Rate in 2013. Check the following heat map image and you can see the latest tax rate and the ranking within the US for each state.

united-states-heat-map-satae-beer-excise-tax-ratesActually more details can be inserted to this heat map by adding interactive features, and make the map more lively. Annotations of the State abbreviation can be replaced by tooltips, and details can be added to the map by inserting description box.

Clickable heat map is the trend of mapping data as detailed information can be inserted which various content types (e.g. images, videos, external links), for example the US heat map that showcases the distribution of Democratic Senator supports same-sex marriage.