Bubble Chart Map: A Month of Citi Bike

Almost two months ago, New York City has launched the bike-sharing program, and here is an interactive bubble chart map for displaying how far has the the program gone. The map is created by New Yorkers using live data, which is provided by Citi Bike, to pinpoint locations people rode for one month.

The bubble sizes are determined by number of available bikes in each station, and details can be been when mouseover it. You can also click the “PLAY” button to see the changes according to the timeline that it is unsurprisingly more people  are joining this program.

Clickable Bike Map: Incident Map Tracks Incidents & Crimes

An Interactive Incident Map for cyclists has been created to track traffic incidents and bike thefts on a daily to weekly basis in Metairie, Louisiana.

Hotspots have been pinned on the map in different icons regarding to categories, bike incidents or bike thefts, and map users can filter the categories they want by checking the box in the legend. Furthermore, various bike lane has been marked on the map in different colors and the annotations can be seen in the map legend. More details for the individual crime can be found by clicking the inserted external link of each marker. Check out the locations in the following map:

Interactive bike maps are usually used for presenting the best or recommended bike lanes for the cyclist, and this updated incident map helps cyclist to better plan their routes with the updated searching function.