Interactive Map: World Acceptance towards Homosexual

As the issue of same-sex marriage becomes a hot topic recently in several countries, for example in the United States, a new Pew Research Center survey finds huge variance by counties question of whether homosexuality should be accepted or rejected by society. An interactive heat map has been created by iMapBuilder to showcase the result.

The survey that conducted in 39 countries reflects broad acceptance of homosexuality in North America, Europe, and much of Latin America. According to statistics, there are obvious increasing people in South Korea, the United States and Canada accept the homosexual with 10% growth since 2007. The survey also claims that religions and age generation are factors towards the acceptance.

Check the following heat map to see which regions have higher acceptance towards homosexual, and you can find more details by watching the embedded videos and news in the infobox.

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International Museum Day 2013 – Reviews Social Changes with Memories

The annual International Museum Day (May 18) has come to the corner already, so we have created an interactive map to introduce the most visited museum in the world in 2012. Mouse over the map to get the details, and do not miss the chance to join the IMD this year!

This year, the museum community decided to celebrate IMD 2013 around the theme:
Museums (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change

More than 30,000 museums are getting ready to celebrate the event in around 100 countries on the five continents, including Canada’s Bank of Canada’s Currency Museum and Mexico’s Museo de la Luz. Visit the museums on this coming Saturday and explore more about our society.

Custom Google Map: Falling Fruit – Time to Shake the Trees

An interactive custom Google Map has been created for displaying the locations where fruits and veggies are free for taking.

The map was created by Caleb Philips and Ethan Welty, who are the avid foragers, in March. There are thousands location has been pinned on the Google Map, and you can see the clustering number when you zoom out the map. You can see the location details by zooming in and click on the marker. Detailed information, e.g. type of plants, best season to pluck the produce, a link to the species profile on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website, and any additional advice of accessing the location are also being displayed in the infobox.

Since there are countless locations for getting the falling fruit, people are always welcome to provide locations and information, and contribute to the map content. If you have any idea about this topic, you are welcome to play a role in creating this crowdsourced map.interactive-custom-google-map-falling-fruit

Clickable Heat Map: Countries with Travel Warnings

clickable-world-map-countries-with-travel-warningAn interactive heat map was created, which based on the advice from DFAIT, to display the safety index of different countries. Travelers should check the map, especially those advice in the infobox before planning their trips.

According to the advice from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, travelers should avoid all travel in several countries, include North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Niger, and more. Countries like Pakistan and Libya are not recommended for travel either, while countries in North America and Europe are recommended.

Click on the image to get the details.