Interactive European Etymology Map

If you are a big fan of the European languages, you may be interested in the following European Word Translator map, which uses the Google Translate API to show the translations of the specific word in various European languages on the map.


Map users can enter the word in the translation box, and than the translated word will be shown on the map.

Here is another static European map about “Christmas” in various European languages, and brief description can be seen in the map legend.


Interactive Chicago Map: Locations to Recycle Christmas Trees

Are you thinking about how to settle your Christmas tree? If you are living in Chicago, you can now send your tree to following locations for recycle.


The Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation cooperates with the Chicago Park District to provide 23 park districts for Christmas tree recycling, starting from Jan 4 to Jan 18, 2014.

Please note that tree decorations, tree lights, wreaths, or garland are not valid for recycle in the above marked locations. Residents have to remove ornaments, lights, tinsel, and stands before dropping off the trees for recycling. Limited amounts of free mulch will be available for residents to collect from all tree drop-off locations starting from January 10.

It is always better to recycle the Christmas tree rather than disposing it into landfills, and let’s continue the Christmas blessings to the new year.

Interactive Google Maps: Christmas Lights in Dubbo (Australia)

Christmas is just in the corner that many maps have been created for pinpointing locations with Christmas events. Here is an interactive Australia map for pinpointing locations with amazing Christmas light displays.


This map is still updating with information provided by public that you can feel free to provide information or photos to the map creator.

Further reading: Christmas Lights in New Jersey, United States

Google Maps: Christmas Lights in New Jersey

Christmas is coming after Thanksgiving, and here is an interactive map for Christmas lights in New Jersey that reminds you to start decorating Christmas lights in your home. You can find places that invite public to visit the lights, and mouse click the pins for details.


This map is a crowdsourced map that map users can provide information (e.g. addresses, town names, photos) of best places to see Christmas lights across New Jersey by using the hashtag #LightUpNJ on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook page. Map users can also send form to them.

Map Review: 3.5/5 Stars

This map is an interesting tool that we can search locations to visit various amazing Christmas lights. However, since the map is a crowdsourced map, which information has to be approved and selected by administrator, and has been created for just a while, there is not enough information in the map. Alternatively, this map can collect more information in shorter time by enabling real “crowdsourcing” feature on the map that map users can directly add pins and information on the map, and the administrator can always edit the added pins in the control panel.

Interactive Google Maps: Holiday Events throughout Bucks


When we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, X’mas is just in the corner. Here is an interactive Google Maps for Bucks County that pinpointing holiday events across the region, including holiday parades, tree lighting, X’mas light displays, Santa visits, and more.

View Holiday events across Montgomery and Bucks counties in a larger map

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Informative map with detailed information in popup boxes, and custom icons do improve the map design as it match with the map theme.
Since various events have been marked on the map, categorization could better organize the map content with different pin icons and category legend, which users can enjoy better searching by filtering. Furthermore, adding images into the popup box will be more eye-catching and attract more visitors to the events.