Interactive Homicide Report for Los Angeles

There is an interactive map for homicide reports in Los Angeles County that any death deemed a homicide by the coroner’s office will be included in the report.

This interactive report is a clustering map that map users can zoom in the map by clicking the bubble. Detailed information of the individual homicide (e.g. report of the case, updated news of the arrests, and court trials) can be seen by selecting a specific point on the map.

Heat map overlay is also applied on the map for highlighting regions in various homicide levels.


Since 2007, 33% of the deaths in L.A. come from the African American community that gun violence accounted for 74% of it. (We have previously shared another U.S. map about gun violence.)

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This interactive map is very informative and user-friendly that provides detailed information for individual case on a neat and simple interface. Clear and simple interface are key elements when creating a map, and here are some highlights for this map:

  • Clustering feature helps simplifying numerous points on the map
  • Category legend is provided for user to disable useless information on the map
  • Heat map layer in light and soft color tone keep the map looks simple
  • Heat map legend is provided for indication

As an interactive report, this map is easy to navigate and valuable for residents to keep tracking the safety status in their community.

Interactive Map: Artists for Grand Rapids ArtPrize 2013

The 2013 ArtPrize showcases works of more than 1800 artists from around Michigan, the Great Lakes and the world. Here we find a clustering map that pinpoints locations of all the artists. You can zoom in to view the pins for the details or select a marker in the marker list below the map.


Clustering is very common when there are large amount of markers have been pinned on the map. It groups markers on the map based on some factors, such as proximity or by the map data, and here we can a sample map for giving detailed idea: