Use Crowdsourced Maps to Improve Women’s Safety in India

Women’s safety is always one of the important issues in India, and now you can help to improve the situation by using various crowdsourced maps.
interactive corwdsourcing google map sexual harassment or abuse in india

The above crowdsourced map displays all reported sexual harassment and abuse in public areas in India, and welcome anonymous reports from map users.  Map users can mouse click the inserted link “More Information” for the full story, and leave comment for it.
categories legend
You can filter the pins on the map by selecting specific categories in the legend.

There are many ways to contribute the map, for example buy using mobile app, sending an email, filling the form on the website, or even sending a tweet with hashtag (#pinthecreep / #safecity).

interactive google maps harassmap mumbai india

Another crowdsourced map, HarassMap-Mumbai, is specifically for citizens in Mumbai. Similar to the previous one, map users can see more information by clicking the inserted URL, can filter pins by clicking selection in the categories legend, and send report to the map administrator. However, this map supports an additional feature, timeline.


Map users can filter data by selecting specific period, and currently the time frame is from August 2013 to January 2014.

Some may think these maps could not really help to reduce the sexual harassment nor make the regions safer,but the ultimate purpose of these maps is to encourage women to speak out and flight for their rights.

However, these maps are not comprehensive enough as the maps depend entirely the number of people with access to the internet, or use smart phone, and it needs time for approval before showing the location on the map.

There is other ways for creating crowdsourced maps that map users can submit report directly on the map, and map administer still got the right to monitor/control the submitted pins.
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It is believed that more similar maps would be launched in India and different countries as crowdsourcing is always one of the best and quickest way to collect first hand information.

Interactive Google Maps: The Vancouver Sun’s Map for Seeing Road Conditions in Major Routes

Snow season has arrived Vancouver that it is time for people to pay attention to road conditions when they are going out, especially to those major routes. The Vancouver Sun has then created an interactive map for Metro Vancouver snow report.

In the interactive map, users can mouse click an icon for further information (locations, road condition, comments, and reported time), or enter address to zoom to the neighbourhood for checking the road conditions.


This map is still updating by collecting updates from citizens that map users can report the location of traffic jams, notoriously slippery slopes and other commuter commotions by filling the form here. The map will be active all through the winter season that please keep an eye on it for any updated status.

Source: The Vancouver Sun

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
Simple and user-friendly maps with following features:

Though, there is still a suggestion for this map – enable crowdsourcing function, which allows map users immediately adding icons with information and photos/external links to the map by themselves. This function can encourage people providing information to enrich the map content as they can  instantly see their imported data on the map. Furthermore, it reduces time for map administrator to manually add the pin one by one, and they can easily mass manage the imported pins in the admin panel.

Crowdsourcing Map for Finding Secret Eco Spaces in Beirut, Lebanon


There are many crowdsourcing map projects we can find online (e.g. Quiet Places in New York City, Best Beaches in the World), and here we found anther crowdsourced map for eco spaces in Beirut, Lebanon.

Beirut Green Guide is a local directory for all parks in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. After clicking the markers on the map, a new webpage with detailed information (e.g. size of the park, number of benches, number of gates) will be opened. There is a filter function on the map that you can search parks with specific facilities (i.e. provide WiFi service, allows pets, includes parks & toilets).

Click the map image to see the interactive map

Stating it as a crowdsourced map project because map users can provide information, new locations, and share their stories for developing the map. This map is in BETA version that is still under the development, and collecting information from others is the best and fastest way to enrich the map content.

Map Reviews: 4/5 stars

Being a BETA map, it is already informative and user-friendly enough to be used. There are several points that I appreciate

  • Map color style that matches the map theme
  • Provide filter feature for better searching
  • Lovely filter icons that substitute labels
  • Linked up with informative webpages
  • Provide crowdsourcing features for enriching the map content

Though there are some minor suggestions for improving the map design, for example inserting mouse click information boxes are already enough for providing information that can save time from loading a new webpage.

Bubble Chart Map: Gun Violence in America

How many deaths have been caused by gun crimes? It is not surprising gun violence in the U.S. is a serious problem without easy solution, we still have to pay attention and have a wider scoop for this issue, so here we share an interactive U.S. map, which is created by Slate, for presenting the phenomena. 

The map displays deaths caused by gun since  the murder 20 children and seven adults in Newtown on December 14th. You can mouse click the bubbles on the map and see details in the information box, which is below the map, and then mouse click each “human” icon for detailed descriptions.

The crowdsourced interactive map is incomplete that you can help is by providing more information in your community to Slate with a link to the news report at

Los Angeles Most Dangerous Intersections

Los Angeles city is taking steps to make 53 dangerous intersections safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Here is an interactive map shows locations of those dangerous and considers dangerous interactions

You can search dangerous intersections around you using the search box, and the category legend for filtering if needed. Mouse click the pins on the map can see the comment from others and the provided image for additional information. This map is still developing that you can contribute by submitting your an intersection.

Check out the map at:



Put Your UAE mortgage on Google Map

Today, many are suffering under financial turmoil, and financial literacy is the key to relieve that stress, according to other’s saying. Since it is not easy for average consumers to quickly get an overview of available financial offers, a crowdsourced mortgage map is created for achieve better financial transparency.

The mortgage map organizes information in the home loans market and help all residents to better understand the cost of their mortgages that you can get full information when mouse hover the point, and better search related information by utilizing the categories filter in the legend. The most attractive and useful features of this map is the crowdsourcing feature that you can put your mortgage, either conventional or Islamic home financing terms in UAE, on the map.

Click the image below and access to the interactive map for details now:

Crowd-sourced map is an useful platform for getting more information, and you can receive large amount of information by utilizing the Google Maps interface. Here is a video tutorial about setting up a crowdsourcing map using Google Maps in few steps:

Crowdsourced Map: Best Beaches in the World

Stuff, a news and information website in New Zealand, has launched a campaign about finding the best beaches in the world. It has created an editable World map that displaying locations suggested from readers.

Click on the pins (or the numbered circles then see the clustered pins), and you can see photo and description that provided by world-wide readers. You can participate this campaign and haring your experience to people all around the world.

If you are interested in creating similar crowdsourced maps, you can seek assistant using several online mapping software, and normally the maps can be easily created in few steps. We have created a demonstration that details can be found there.

Crowdsourcing Map: Quiet Places in New York City

Being a one of the busiest and the most boisterous city in the world, have you ever thought of tasting a quiet moment in New York City? The New York Times has created an interactive NY map for inspiring all New Yorkers to treasure every quiet moment in this city by collecting crowdsourced suggestions from readers. Here you can find the styled clickable map with thousands spots, and description with photos or videos will be popped-up when mouseover the point.

Crisis mapping: Aid Indians from the 2013 Uttarakhand Flooding

Recent Uttarakhand Flooding in northern India have already claimed at least 800 lives while the ongoing bad weather is affecting the rescue process. An interactive crisis map has been created to crowdsource information for better manage the aftermath of this flooding.

This online crisis map, which contains information about rescued people, cleared areas, people stranded, relief camps, medical centres, road networks and so on, is set up by the Google Crisis Response team. People around the world are welcome to contribute information by contacting Check the clickable crisis map for the details:

Crisis mapping is the real-time gathering, display and analysis data during a crisis, for example natural disaster or social/political conflict. Public and crisis responders can all contribute information either remotely or from the site of the crisis, and the benefit of it is that it can increase situation awareness and improve data management.