UK Map: Environment Agency Flood Warnings and Alerts map

There is still serious flooding along the Britain coast, and the Met Office suggested that conditions could turn colder or some snow next week. You can now check out the updated flood alerts and warnings across Berkshire and Surrey in the following interactive Google Maps.


Previously, we have shared two flooding maps. Please click the following links for more flooding information:

Interactive UK Map: Flooding and Weather Warnings

You can now check out the current flood warnings and other weather warnings with pictures in UK in following interactive map.

Map users can mouse click a specific marker to see detailed description of current status and picture of the region. There are also map legends for indicating the region colors and marker icons.


Last month, we have also shared anther interactive flood warning maps (a Facebook app) that you may also find it useful.

Interactive Flood Warnings Map for United Kingdom

Due to the storm conditions in the United Kingdom, many people are keeping an eye on flood alerts there. Here we have found an interactive map (and is also an app in Facebook) of flood warnings in the UK (from the rivers and the sea for England and Wales).

In the map, users can check on the warning icon to see the further details in the popup box. Please note that FloodAlerts does not provide information on flood depth, speed or volume of flow. It doesn’t show flooding from other sources, such as direct runoff from fields, or overflowing sewers that map users have to check their local Environment Agency Office or Local Authority for more information on these flood risks.


Maps: Updated Status for Colorado Flooding

Last week, we have shared the Google Crisis Map about the Floods in Northern Colorado on September 12, and here we find the updated Colorado flooding crisis map for outlining the latest road closures, weather conditions, shelter locations,etc. Check out the map at:

Colorado’s historic flooding has resulted in deaths of seven people, nearly 700 listed as”unaccounted for” around the state and close to 20,000 homes damaged or destroyed.

Here is another map about the current river gauges, and detailed information can be seen after clicking the markers:

Google Map: 2013 Boulder Floods

Floods in Northern Colorado on September 12 damaged roads and closed schools & government offices,while inundating parts of Boulder, Jamestown, Longmont, Lyons, and Nederland. One of the most devastated communities is Boulder County, where the relentless rush of water has resulted in deaths. Google crisis map for Boulder area is then be created for annotating road closures and traffic, the latest flood advisories, near-by shelters and other emergency information: