Interactive Heat Map: Poverty in North Carolina


In the past, we have shared various U.S. maps about unemployment, food stamps, and average income, and here we have found another interactive heat map about poverty in North Carolina.

According to the federal government, poverty level was defined as an annual income equal or less than $23,283 for a family of four, or $11,945 for an individual in 2012. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the overall poverty rate of Borth Carolina in 2012 was 17.2 percent.

There are several types of family got higher poverty rate (%):

  • households led by single women with children under 5 (51.6%)
  • households led by single women with children under 18 (42.8%)
  • households led by single women (34%)
  • family with children under 5 (21.2%)
  • family with children under 18 (19:8%)

Check out the following heat map by selecting specific category in the drop-down box:

Dynamic Charts: Consequences of Food Stamp Cuts in US


Previously, we have shared an interactive US heat map about the food stamp cuts, and here we found additional information about the issue with several interactive charts and maps.

For those reply on food stamps have been facing 13% cut in their benefits since the food stamp cuts on November 1. Actually the benefits are always keep on changing, and we can trace the record in the following graph (click the below image to see the interactive graph):

We can also see the household means over the past years in the following chart (click on the image for the interactive chart with more details)

The consequences of food stamp cuts are various by state that you can refer to our previous shared Food Stamp Cuts Heat Map for more information.

Here are two websites about tips of healthy eating under budget:

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Simple is the best. The above two dynamic charts simply presents the data with mouseover boxes that keep the graphs neat by not putting too much information and text on it. Using interactive charts is a new way for presentation analysis/reports as it can avoid annotating the charts with overloading text on the graphs.


US Map: Food Stamp Cuts

Food Stamps Cuts in the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program has gone into effect in the beginning of this month that it aims to feed 47 million Americans. There were many discussion across the States about the potential effects that caused by food stamp cuts. Stateline has created an interactive Food Stamp Cuts map for displaying the update status. As shown on the map, kids, elderly people and those with disabilities have been suffered for the food stamp cuts.