Interactive World Map: Player Transfers

Transfer soccer players across the globe is just a normal phenomenon. Here is an interactive map tracks the international migrations of professional soccer players since 1990.

This interactive world map is created by Australian designer Mac Bryla. Map users related data by selecting country and season, and then total transfer fee and number of players will be displayed on the top right corner of the map.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars

User-friendly interface that users can select category by country and seasons, and the map is created by the rich data-base source that map users can find many data results from the map. Though I expected that there would be extra information when I mouse click the lines or countries.

Interactive World Map: Foreign Players Signed by Manchester United and Manchester City


If you are a football lovers, especially a fan of Manchester United, you should not miss the following world map about all the foreign stars, who have played for Manchester United and Manchester City from 1893 – 2013.

In this Manchester World Map, 204 foreign stars, who have played for Manchester United and Manchester City by their hometown from 1893 – 2013 have been pinned on the map that you can see the individual data by scrolling the drop-down box below  the map.

Here are some guides for using the map:

  • Press “+”/”-” button for zooming
  • Select rectangle tool to zoom in by drawing a sector
  • Press Home button for default map view
  • Select time slot in the drop-down box / scroll the time line
  • Uncheck “Show History” checkbox for viewing data for individual year only
  • Blue dots represent Manchester City while red dots represent Manchester United
  • Mouse click the dots to see detailed information

Map Reviews: 3/5 Stars

Though this map is very informative and useful, especially to those Manchester fans, it is not user-friendly enough in following aspects:

  • Cannot pan the map. Though sometimes a hint will be popped up and said we can pan the map by “press, hold, and then pan”, I could never pan the map as I could only draw a rectangle all the time.
  • Lack of a map legend for indicating the meanings of various colored dots.
  • External links, videos or photos can be inserted to the popup boxes for detailed information.

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