Interactive European Etymology Map

If you are a big fan of the European languages, you may be interested in the following European Word Translator map, which uses the Google Translate API to show the translations of the specific word in various European languages on the map.


Map users can enter the word in the translation box, and than the translated word will be shown on the map.

Here is another static European map about “Christmas” in various European languages, and brief description can be seen in the map legend.


Interactive US Heat Map: State Usage Tool

A new interactive heat map for the United States has been created by Chitika for showcasing various search usage tools by State. Users can first select specific usage tool on the top of the map, and then mouseover the states to see the percentage report.

According to the data, we can see that there are more Americans are using Windows, especially in Washington, where is the headquarter of Microsoft headquarters, with 98.3 percent record.

Meanwhile, Google is most widely used in Utah (73%), Mac is most popular in Vermont, and most of the Linux users are in Wyoming.

The map will be updated every six months that you can stay tuned to see the changes.

World Map: The Most Popular Websites In The World

Which website do you visit most? Have you ever thought of which website is the most popular one across the globe? Here you can find the answer in the following world map.


This world map, based on Alexa data, depicts countries sized by internet population, and you can find that Facebook and Google are the most popular websites.

However, you can also found that Baidu, a well known search engine in China, is now a rising competitors to Google as Baidu is also listed as the most visited website in South Korea. Who knows if this map will have a big modification in the near future.