Video Made of Nokia’s HERE 3D Map

Nokia’s HERE 3D Map has done a great job this time – Paul Wex, a filmmaker, made a video called “Wide Web World” by using screenshots in Nokia’s 3D Here Map.

Nowadays, we are all fascinated by having a virtual travelling across the globe with the online map, for example Google Map’s Street View and various 3D maps provided by Google, Apple, Nokia and so on. Understanding the growing demand in the mapping industry, each companies are enhancing their map features in order to take the first place, and it seems that Nokia is an energetic child that can catch up the trend.

Check the video below and have the flyover view of various major world cities (e.g. New York, Toronto, London, Vienna, Berlin, Sydney).

How Nokia Stand Out from the Crowd of Navigation Software is Right “HERE”

Nokia is strive to recapture his leading in the telecommunication market. After the hottest release of the Lumia 920 and the successful deal with Toyota Motors about the in-car navigation services, Nokia is going to stand out from the crowd of the navigation software by saying it is “HERE

In the end of February, Nokia held a press conference at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and announced that it would re-brand all of its Nokia-branded mapping and navigation services as “HERE” — HERE Maps, HERE Drive and HERE Transit. The theme of the “HERE” is that Nokia can bring you to anywhere even you are unfamiliar with the surroundings as Nokia is always HERE with you.

In the press conference, Nokia also highlighted that they will start integrating the “HERE” into other non-Nokia devices in the later part of 2013, and it could help to enhance the map data. It is a smart decision to integrate your mapping services with other devices as map data cannot be completed with sole power. (We all had a lesson from Apple last year.)

Facing the fierce competition from Google Map, Bing Map, MapQuest and others, do you think Nokia can really take a place here?