Video Tutorial: Share and Publish Interactive Images

Few weeks ago, we have introduced steps for creating interactive floor plan, and now we are sharing a new video tutorial about sharing and publishing the created interactive maps online in following ways:

  1. instantly share the image project by hosting it on iiCreator server
  2. upload the image project by hosting it on your own server using FTP settings

Detailed steps can be seen in the following video:

More showcases can be seen HERE.

Dynamic Charts: Consequences of Food Stamp Cuts in US


Previously, we have shared an interactive US heat map about the food stamp cuts, and here we found additional information about the issue with several interactive charts and maps.

For those reply on food stamps have been facing 13% cut in their benefits since the food stamp cuts on November 1. Actually the benefits are always keep on changing, and we can trace the record in the following graph (click the below image to see the interactive graph):

We can also see the household means over the past years in the following chart (click on the image for the interactive chart with more details)

The consequences of food stamp cuts are various by state that you can refer to our previous shared Food Stamp Cuts Heat Map for more information.

Here are two websites about tips of healthy eating under budget:

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Simple is the best. The above two dynamic charts simply presents the data with mouseover boxes that keep the graphs neat by not putting too much information and text on it. Using interactive charts is a new way for presentation analysis/reports as it can avoid annotating the charts with overloading text on the graphs.


Create Interactive Custom Images Supports Cross-Platform

We have mentioned last mouth that we could create interactive custom image maps that support cross-platform (e.g. tablets / mobile devices) by using several online mapping software. Since some people would prefer host their image projects on their own server and prefer owning a software rather than joining hosting plan, and now you may try create your own clickable image diagrams by using the iiCreator.

With the assistance of software, you can create images maps link the following transit map: