World Map of Social Networks

Facebook is always the most popular social network platform across the world, even there is rising popularity of Instagram. Here is a world map that showcasing the most popular social networking sites by county in Dec 2013. The map is created using Alextraffic data and is updated every 6 months.
world-map-of-social-networks-2013According to the map, Facebook has already become the most popular social network platform across the world, except those countries that has closed the door for Facebook (e.g. China).

Currently, there are 1189 billion active users in Facebook per month, though the growing rate is comparatively lower than before, that there are 351 million users in Asia, 276 million users in Europe, 199 million users in US & Canada, and 362 million users in other countries.

It is quite surprising that there are more active users in Asia rather than in US, the origin of Facebook.

In Russia, V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki are still competing to conquer the leader place in the market, and currently V Kontakte is placing the position.

In China, QZone still dominates the Asian market with 623 million users, however, it’s growth is being slowed down by the rising popularity of Weixin recently.

Here is another image shows the changing of popular social networks across the world since June 2009.

World Map: Battle between the World’s Biggest Social Networks

We are very familiar with various popular social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even the rising SnapChat. But, have you ever thought about which platform is the most popular one across the globe? Here is a world map created by Morgan Stanley for showing the competitions among the world’s biggest social networks.


Unsurprisingly, Facebook is the most popular social network with 1.16B users across the globe, and Tencent places 2nd in the ranking. We may also pay attention to LinkedIn, Instagram, and Sina, which are getting more popular these days. Though there are many new social networks have been launched (e.g. Snap Chat) these days, do you think people will give up Facebook? The answer is uncertain, but we may take Google+ as a reference.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Simple and informative re always the main concerns for us to determine if the map is good or not as we take the best map can present information and core message to map users with an user-friendly platform. The above static world map does achieve our standards.
It is not complicated to create map like the above one by simply adding mouse over/mouse click infobox to each country with images and text. In map editors, HTML code is always supported by the software that map creators can insert any multi-media (e.g. external links, videos, charts, tables) according to their preferences.
After creating the map, the map can be shared with interactive effect or simply export it as a static image, like the above one. If there are many infoboxes on the map, we would recommend you to share it without interactive effect to keep the map looks neat and simple.

Video Tutorial: Create Editable Image with Photo Tagging

Most of us are very familiar with photo tagging in Facebook or Instagram, but have you ever thought of utilizing this feature for presentation use? Here we have prepared a video tutorial about creating an editable photo with mouseover description box.

Here are simple steps for editing the image without any coding:

  1. Face tagging by drawing a rectangle (or you can draw a circle/polygon regarding to your preference)
  2. Edit settings of the rectangle
  3. Enter text in the description box, and you can enrich the content by adding video, external link, or image.
  4. Create category legend with single selection feature