Crowdsourcing Map for Finding Secret Eco Spaces in Beirut, Lebanon


There are many crowdsourcing map projects we can find online (e.g. Quiet Places in New York City, Best Beaches in the World), and here we found anther crowdsourced map for eco spaces in Beirut, Lebanon.

Beirut Green Guide is a local directory for all parks in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. After clicking the markers on the map, a new webpage with detailed information (e.g. size of the park, number of benches, number of gates) will be opened. There is a filter function on the map that you can search parks with specific facilities (i.e. provide WiFi service, allows pets, includes parks & toilets).

Click the map image to see the interactive map

Stating it as a crowdsourced map project because map users can provide information, new locations, and share their stories for developing the map. This map is in BETA version that is still under the development, and collecting information from others is the best and fastest way to enrich the map content.

Map Reviews: 4/5 stars

Being a BETA map, it is already informative and user-friendly enough to be used. There are several points that I appreciate

  • Map color style that matches the map theme
  • Provide filter feature for better searching
  • Lovely filter icons that substitute labels
  • Linked up with informative webpages
  • Provide crowdsourcing features for enriching the map content

Though there are some minor suggestions for improving the map design, for example inserting mouse click information boxes are already enough for providing information that can save time from loading a new webpage.