Live Map: Flight Tracker

Various countries are still searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, meanwhile, an online live flight tracker becomes more popular these days as it displays all the flight routes in live.

interactive world map live flight tracker

You could zoom into specific region, and mouse click the icon to see the flight information (e.g. airline company, aircraft, departure city & destination, estimate flight time, speed). The flight route would also be shown on the map.

This map is not only a live flight tracker, but is also a flight tracking system that you could playback the world map with all flying flights by selecting specific date and time.

Though there is not category legend for selecting displayed information on the map, there is still a filter feature for filtering.

Please note two types of flights are being pinned on the map, real time flight and flight with 5 minutes delay, that you can refer to the map legend for the indication.


CafeHop KL: Map for Independent Cafes in Kuala Lumpur

CafeHop KL, an online map for independent cafes in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is created, and printed version will be available for free at selected cafes from September 21, 2013 onwards.

Cafes on the map are chosen based on combinations of good coffee, food, service and environment for cafe lovers to spend quality time in quality place. Besides , CafeHop KL is also meant to be a platform for independent cafes for becoming more visibility.  Mouseover the markers on the map / cafe names in the list for seeing the details, or search cafes by entering name/address in the search box.