National Geographic Cooperates with Google Maps Engine to Shares Rich Map Content

Last week, Google Maps has announced that we can now view some amazing paper maps from the National Geographic Society using Google Maps. Google Map Engine has newly launched public data program that organizations can distribute their map content to Google’s cloud infrastructure users. And this time is National Geographic, who aims to share the amazing paper maps with public by utilizing this public data program using Google Maps Engine to ”to overlay our maps with interactive editorial content, so the maps can ‘tell stories’ and raise awareness about environmental issues and historic events,” representative of National Geographic said. Currently, everyone is able to access several free public maps, and some high-resolution maps and print versions may need license for to access in order to raise funds for the nonprofit mission of National Geographic.

Here is a sample map image that search for “Oxford Street, London, UK” in 1979: national-geographic-google-maps-medieval-england-1979

Further information:
Image maps can be converted into interactive image maps using iMapBuilder Online or iiCreator that interactive overlays (e.g. popup infobox with images & videos, external links, labels, lines, polygons) can be added on the image maps.
More sample maps can be found at: