U.S. Map: Native Residents in State

Have you ever thought of how many people living in America are native residents in United States? Here is an U.S. map, created by Vizual Statistix Tumblr, shows the percentage of native-born residents in State.


From the above map image, you can see that people in Florida, Nevada, and Arizona mainly came from somewhere elase while people in Texas, Louisiana, and the upper-Midwest are mainly original inhabitants.

United States Map: States of Shame

Here we found a map, which based on Census data, U.S. Health rankings, and some snark, about the the biggest failure of each state in America.


Here are some highlights of the map:

  • State for serious air pollution:  California
  • State for drunk driving: Montana
  • State with largest homeless population: Oregon
  • State with the most crimes: Nevada
  • State with highest unemployment rate: Michigan

Check out the map and see if you are agree of it or not.

U.S. Map: Arsenic in Drinking Water

According to the post in the New York Times last weekDeborah Blum claimed that arsenic seeps into groundwater could be poisoning to those who drink it.

Now, researchers are taking more attention to drinking water, from Southwestern states (e.g. Nevada) to upper Midwest and New England. Water in parts of the Central Valley of California has been be found to be tainted with arsenic as well. Here is a U.S. map, which bases on the U.S. Geological Survey, displays where there is arsenic in the drinking water. Check it out and get more idea about the water you are drinking and using now.