Interactive New Jersey Map: Resident’s Ancestral Roots

This interactive New Jersey map is created based on data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, averaged for the years 2008-2012, and shows the most common ancestry by municipality. According to the map, over 40% of population is originated from Italy, Ireland, and Germany, and only Peapack and Gladstone borough’s dominant ancestry are Americans.

Interactive New Jersey Map Resident's Ancestral Roots

According to the Census, there are around 1.5 million of New Jerseyans are of Italian heritage, 1.3 million are of Irish heritage, and more than 1 million are of German heritage. Different counties have various dominant ancestries, which the countries have been highlighted and grouped on the map that map users can check for the map legend for indication.

There are both mouseover and mouse click events for each county that map users can see detailed statistic by clicking the region.

Mapping Skills
Similar custom maps could be easily created in following steps:

  1. highlight regions by categories
  2. create map legend for color indication
  3. insert infobox for each region by importing data file

Here is a sample map for reference use:
interactive us map

Interactive Google Maps: Salary Gap between Men and Women in New Jersey


Salary gap between male and female s narrowing in the United States but it seems that the situation in New Jersey is not that optimistic as most of the New Jersey women earn less than 80% then men, shown in U.S. Census data.

The report from the Pew Research Center found that women age 16 and above earned about $0.80 while men earned $1, or the hourly paid for women is $14.90 while hourly paid for men is $17.79. The salary gap among the ages from 25-34 is narrower.

Highlight from the report:

  • 21 municipalities in New Jersey where women earned less than half than men.
  • In some of the state’s wealthiest communities, e.g. Mantoloking, where women earned just 24% of the median man’s salary.
  • Women earned just about 1/3 of what men earned in Sea Girt, Saddle River and Teterboro.
  • Pay gap tends to be most narrow in urban areas close to New York City.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
Features that lead this map to get 4 Stars:

  • Heat map legend clearly indicates heat map values
  • Mouseover infobox for basic information, and mouse click infobox for details
  • Fixed infobox position on the map avoid confusing map users with multiple popup boxes in various positions

Interactive Heat Map: Homeless Population in New Jersey

In the previous post, we have introduced how to create heat map in Google Maps, and here we just found another heat map showcases homeless population in New Jersey that darker purple refers to larger homeless population from 2012 to 2013.

According to the data from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, there were around 12,000 New Jerseyans were homeless across the 21 counties last year that was the lowest level in the past five years. However, the annual point-in-time homeless counts have not declined throughout New Jersey that Atlantic, Essex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Somerset and Union counties all counted more homeless population this year, especially Ocean County.

Nationally, there were 4% drop of homeless population when compare to the previous year, and by 8% drop since 2008.

Now you can click the below image to see the detailed information by counties:

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

There is heat map legend clearly indicates heat map values for various counties, and this map is content-sufficient with both mouseover and mouse click info boxes. However, content within mouse click info box can be better presented by bold subtitles, dividers, or tables.

Google Maps: Christmas Lights in New Jersey

Christmas is coming after Thanksgiving, and here is an interactive map for Christmas lights in New Jersey that reminds you to start decorating Christmas lights in your home. You can find places that invite public to visit the lights, and mouse click the pins for details.


This map is a crowdsourced map that map users can provide information (e.g. addresses, town names, photos) of best places to see Christmas lights across New Jersey by using the hashtag #LightUpNJ on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook page. Map users can also send form to them.

Map Review: 3.5/5 Stars

This map is an interesting tool that we can search locations to visit various amazing Christmas lights. However, since the map is a crowdsourced map, which information has to be approved and selected by administrator, and has been created for just a while, there is not enough information in the map. Alternatively, this map can collect more information in shorter time by enabling real “crowdsourcing” feature on the map that map users can directly add pins and information on the map, and the administrator can always edit the added pins in the control panel.

Interactive Map: Gay Marriage in the United States


Last month, we have shared a U.S. map about same sex marriage in the States after New Jersey became the 14th states to issue same sex marriage license since October 21. Here is another interactive map for showing the updated status that states recognizes same sex marriage after Hawaii joining the line this week.


This week, Hawaii becomes the 16th state to legalize same sex marriage. Apart from California and Washington, states that recognize gay marriage are still mainly located in the Northwest, the West Coast and the Upper Midwest, which can be seen from the above map.


Map Reviews: 2/5 Stars

It is a very simple map that simply highlight those states that recognize same sex marriage. This map can be more informative if:

  • Mouse click description box provides more information or contains an inserted URL to related webpage.
  • States could be categorize into “legalized”, “to be legalized” and “not legalized”, and create category legend for filtering.

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U.S. Map: Same Sex Marriage

Few months ago, we have shared maps about same sex marriage issue in the United States, and after state Supreme Court ruling on September 27, New Jersey becomes the 14th states to issue same sex marriage license since October 21. We found a U.S. map giving you a prompt idea about which states allow same sex marriage.

Create Interactive Charts

We have introduced creating interactive image maps using your own images (e.g. campus maps, shopping mall floor plan, metro maps), but actually dynamic features can be inserted to chart reports as well. Being inspired by the bar chart and pie chart in article Heat Map: Suicide Rate in New Jersey, here we are going to introduce creating interactive charts.

Take the following pie chart as example, dynamic features can be added by drawing colored polygons with mouseover infobox. Additionally, you can categorize items by assigning them into different categories.

Polygons can be easily added on the chart, and there is a wide range of colors that you can select for highlighting the regions. Even you are new to programming or coding, you can create mouse hover tooltip/infobox using image editor. Check out a video tutorial below for details:

Heat Map: Suicide Rate in New Jersey

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, and let’s take a quick reviews about the phenomenon in New Jersey, which is focusing prevention efforts on youth. Here we found an heat map and interactive charts for showing some statistic reports about suicides in New Jersey in past years

According to statistics from Centers for Disease Control’s CDC Wonder database, proportion of the population who died by suicide in New Jersey rose in 2010. Though New Jersey’s rate of 8.2 was the third-lowest among all states, and was only higher than New York and the District of Columbia, we cannot neglect the rapid rising suicides rate in NJ. Christopher Kosseff, a clinical psychology professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, pointed out, “It has risen by more than 30 percent in the past 10 years.”

Here is a heat map for showing the suicides in New Jersey in 2006-2010, and you can mouse click the region for detailed statistics:

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families found the opposite trend in looking at youth suicide (ages 10-24) in its latest 2012 Adolescent Suicide Report, which was released last November. According to the report, the suicide rate for youth in 2011 was lower than the rate in 2010, and was also below the national rate.

You can find an interactive bar chart below and mouse hover the bars for details:

 Here is another interactive pie chart that annotating percentages of different suicides methods that caused death in 2006-2010:

We have to take note that suicide issue is still concerning and figure out if any youth education or prevention campaigns are needed or have to be enforced.

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Interactive Google Map: Hot Weather in New Jersey

Thursday, that temperature in Newark hit 100 degrees that remind us hot summer is in the town now. Though it’s not a record-breaking heat, an interactive annotating maximum temperature in each country has been created. Larger sun logo represents hooter the median so far in July 2013, and you can get detailed description when mouseovering specific county.

According to the data from the above maps, we can see that the median temperature is from 79 to 93.5, which is not that hot; and the annoyed factor is the humidity that some counties (e.g. Howell, Hamilton, Woodstown) could even reach 100%.